We are fortunate that talented musicians can fill in when Roseville Big Band members are unavailable for rehearsals and concerts. Several former members continue as subs, including Carol Jensen, Brian Dole, and Julie Zeidel. Here are some others who have recently played with the band:

Saxophones Len plays bari Ira plays tenor Mara plays tenor sax Dave plays baritone sax
Len Yaeger,
baritone, bass, alto, and soprano sax, clarinet and vocals
Ira Adelman,
alto and tenor sax
Mara Syman,
tenor sax
Dave Bolan,
tenor and baritone sax
    Mark plays bari  
    Mark Stevens,
tenor and baritone sax
Ellen Sorenson,
baritone sax, clarinet, flute, vocals
Mary Wells, tenor and baritone sax
Pat plays trumpet Neil plays trumpet Jeff plays flugelhorn Gene plays trumpet
  Pat Gefre Neil Baumgartner III Jeff Olsen Gene Phares
  Dan plays trumpet Brandon plays trumpet Keith plays trumpet Corky plays trumpet
  Dan Odegaard Brandon Finnestad Keith Thompson Corky Whitlock
  Dan plays trumpet Craig plays trumpet Jake plays trumpet
  Dan Gaisford Kurt Christensen Craig Mesenbring Jake Olsen
    Hank plays trumpet John plays trumpet  
    Hank Wadsworth John Preston  
French Horns Bridget plays horn Gerry plays horn Bob plays horn  
  Bridget Wall Gerry Abraham Bob Olsen  
 Paul plays trombone Scott plays trombone Greg plays trombone Tom plays trombone
  Paul Thomsen
Scott Swenson
Greg Michnay
Tom Simpson
  Rich plays trombone John plays trombone Phil plays trombone  
  Rich Raaen John Groethe

Phil Raaen

    John plays trombone Eric plays trombone  
    John Baumgartner Eric Barnes  
  Chris plays bass trombone Scot plays bass trombone Michael plays bass trombone Travis plays bass trombone

Christopher Allen,
bass trombone

Scott Henry,
bass trombone

Michael Okwabi,
bass trombone

Travis Shepard,
tenor and bass trombone
  Eric plays tuba Carl plays bass trombone Garrett plays bass trombone Kent plays bass trombone
  Eric Peterson,
Carl Meincke,
bass trombone
Garrett Lahr,
bass trombone
Kent Malcomson,
bass trombone and tuba
Rhythm James plays guitar Ed plays drums Bill plays piano John plays guitar
  James Holdman,
Ed Finley,
Bill Johnson,
John O'Loughlin,
  Kelli Rae plays drums Craig plays drums Paul plays string bass Kent plays bass

Kelli Rae Tubbs,

Craig Villars,
Paul Georgeson,
electric and string bass
Kent Schoenherr,
electric bass
  Will plays bass Tim plays electric bass Steve plays bass Ron plays string bass
  Will McBride,
electric bass

Tim Erickson,
electric and string bass

Steve Goranson,
electric bass 
Ron Rasmussen,
string bass
    Dick plays electric bass    


Dick Rogers,
electric bass



Vocalists Barb smiles for the camera Jim smiles for the camera. Jill smiles for the camera  
  Barb Harvey,
Jim Emery,

Jill Whitney-Birk,


Some of our guest soloists have also subbed within the band's sections. Click here to see some of the people who have subbed in the band in the past but are no longer active subs.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

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