Hank Wadsworth

Hank plays a high B-flat. Hank played a trumpet solo on "In the Mood" during the Transportation Museum dance.

Hank first performed with the Roseville Big Band at the Minnesota Transportation Museum, April 18, 2009.

Hank is currently a member of the Brio Brass (Big Band Jazz with Brass), Eden Prairie "Jazz On the Prairie" Big Band, Zuhrah Shrine Flames Big Band, and the Zuhrah Shrine Concert Band.

You might have also heard him playing in pit orchestras for Twin Cities musicals - he's been in more than 20 of them, including a spring, 2009, production of "Singing in the Rain."

Hank performed with the River City Jazz Orchestra (Inver Hills Jazz Band) from 1998 to 2008 and the Minnesota Brass Inc. Senior Drum and Bugle Corps from 1981 to2002.

Hank also has served as the Music Director for the Zuhrah Shrine Drum Corps.

If you recognize Hank's name or his picture but those groups above aren't familar to you, perhaps you've seen him performing with one of these groups:

New Jersey Bushwhackers Senior Drum & Bugle Corps (1990-1991)
Philadelphia Archer/Eppler Musketeers Senior Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps (1991)
Chatfield Brass Band (1988-1990)
Macalester College Symphonic Band (1983-84)

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