Director Glen Newton, director and baritoneGlen Newton (baritone vocal / vibes / trumpet / trombones / E-flat flute / alto flute / alto horn / tenor horn / euphonium / banjo / ukulele / guitar)
Saxophones Kay Foster, lead alto saxKay Foster
(alto / bass / soprano / clarinet / flute / piccolo)
Bill Frank, second alto saxBill Frank
(alto / soprano / flute / tenor / clarinet)
Glen Peterson, lead tenor saxGlen Peterson
(tenor / soprano)
Dan Carlson, second tenor saxDan Carlson
(tenor / alto / baritone)
Dan Desmonds, baritone saxDan Desmonds
(baritone / tenor / alto / clarinet)
Trumpets / Flugelhorns Mark Syman, lead/third trumpetMark Syman Dan Theobald, second trumpetDan Theobald Mark Lee, lead/third trumpetMark Lee Bob Nielsen, fourth trumpetBob Nielsen
Trombones Keith Miner, bass trombone and vocalKeith Miner (also vocal) George Henly, second tromboneGeorge Henly Michael Sweet, third tromboneMichael Sweet Tom Huelsmann, Bass TromboneTom Huelsmann (bass trombone)
Rhythm Mike Holt, pianoMike Holt (piano) Eric Laska, electric bassEric Laska (bass) Jim Foster, drumsJim Foster (drums) John Seal (guitar)
Vocalists Karen Dunn, lead vocalKaren Dunn Diane Dolinar Bruce Stasch

Other Performers Other talented musicians occasionally substitute for unavailable Roseville Big Band members. Click here to see who has subbed recently. We also feature special guest artists as soloists at our performances. Click here to see who's been featured. Other talented musicians have previously been members of the Roseville Big Band.

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Monday, May 02, 2022.

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