Bill Frank

Bill plays the flute.

Bill doubled on flute during the 2006 St. Mary's Fall Festival.

Hear Bill play an alto sax solo on "Woodchopper's Ball".
Hear Bill play an alto sax duet on "Moon River".
Hear Bill play an alto sax solo on "Mas Que Nada".

Bill played an alto sax solo at the 2010 Carleton College Mid-winter Ball.

Role in Roseville Big Band: 

Second alto sax; Bill also doubles on flute, clarinet, soprano sax, and tenor sax and contributes musical arrangements to the band's repertoire.

Member since: 



Retired chemist

The Roseville Big Band has performed Bill's arrangements of Count Basie's "Jumpin' at the Woodside"and "Remembering the Rain."

Bill also gives lessons on woodwind instruments and performs with the St. Michael's orchestra in Bloomington and the Praise Band at Roseville Lutheran Church.

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