Here are some of the outstanding musicians who have been Roseville Big Band members in the past. Some continue as substitutes for the band.

Directors Paul Pizner, Roseville Big Band director 1988-1989 Bob Lancette, Roseville Big Band director 1976-1987 Mark Lammers, Roseville Big Band creator 1964-1970 Sam Marks, Roseville Big Band director 1987
  Paul Pizner  Bob Lancette Mark Lammers Sam Marks
Saxophones Doc Leisen, tenor sax 1964-1997 Nancy Veerkamp, alto sax 1986-1996 Brian Dole, alto and tenor sax and piano 1985-1992 Bill Pearson baritone sax
  Richard "Doc" Leisen,
tenor sax
Nancy Veerkamp,
alto sax
Brian Dole,
alto and tenor sax and piano

Bill Pearson,
baritone sax

    Ira Adelman,
tenor sax


Dan Menken, lead trumpet 1992-1995 Jim Chamberlain, second trumpet 1986-1993 Linda Ness, lead trumpet 1996-1999 John Curlee, lead trumpet 1978-1984 and 1989-1990
  Dan Menken Jim Chamberlain Linda Ness John Curlee
  Kim Kermes, third trumpet 1999-2001 Harvey Skow, second trumpet Tim Altmann, lead trumpet 2003-2004 Peter Davis, lead trumpet 2001-2002
  Kim Kermes Harvey Skow   Tim Altmann Peter Davis
    Dave Anderson, fourth trumpet Kari Coad, third/lead trumpet  
    Dave Anderson Kari Coad  
Trombones Larry Perry, lead trombone 1978-1984 Julie Stenberg, lead trombone 1990-1995 Carol plays bass trombone Roy Henline, lead trombone 1989
  Larry Perry Julie Stenberg Carol Jensen,
tenor and bass trombone and trumpet
Roy Henline
  Fred Christiansen, second trombone 1992-2003 Mike Bratlie, lead trombone 1996-2012 Rich plays trombone Jenn plays bass trombone
  Fred Christiansen Mike Bratlie Rich Eyman Jenn Werner,
bass trombone
Rhythm  Nick Johnson, guitar 2006-2007 Jim Foss, guitar 2002-2006  Rob Schultz, guitar 2006 Leigh Anderson, guitar 1980-1992
  Nick Johnson, guitar Jim Foss, guitar Rob Schultz, guitar Leigh Anderson, guitar
  Genica plays upright bass Carol Berger, guitar Bill Mask, guitar 2006 Jake plays guitar
  Jenica Georgeson, string bass Carl Berger, guitar Bill Mask, guitar Jacob Juusola, guitar
    Stefan Sylvander, drums January-March 2006 Kenne Thomas, drums 2004-2006  
  Mike Wobig, electric bass Stefan Sylvander, drums Kenne Thomas, drums Dave Tuenge, drums
    Steve Levens, string bass Ann Booth, piano  
Vocalists Mary Lou Christianson, vocalist 1990-1996 Kirk Lindberg, vocalist 1994-2004 Diane Dolinar, vocalist 1994-2004 Cindy Gardner, vocalist and dancer
  Mary Lou Christianson Kirk Lindberg  Diane Dolinar Cindy Gardner

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