Jim Foss

Jim plays his Gibson archtop guitar. Jim rehearsed with the Roseville Big Band at St. Michael's church February 26, 2002.
Dressed in a black suit with a blue bow tie, Jim reads music on one of the band's red and white music stands. Jim's performance with the Roseville Big Band March 9, 2002, was his first live performance with a big band.

Former Role in Roseville Big Band: 


Member during: 

2002 through February 2006


Commercial drywall contractor

Jim is a student of Reuben Ristrom and Scott Frazier. He began rehearsing with the Roseville Big Band February 12, 2002, filling in for guitarist Carl Berger and replaced Carl as the band's guitarist in September, 2002. He also subs in the Beasley Band and plays in the Cutaways Jazz Quartet with guitarist Fred Anderson, bassist Steve Goranson, and drummer Dave Tuenge.

Click here to hear an excerpt (300K MP3) from Jim's solo performance of "As Time Goes By".

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