Steve Goranson

Bigger picture is 22K. Steve played "Route 66" at the Carleton College 2000 Mid-Winter Dance.
Steve played his new bass at the April 6, 2004, sit-in night. The bass is an NS Design CR4MBASS model. That name indicates that it was designed by Ned Steinberger, made in the Czech Republic with 4 strings and an extra magnetic pickup to complement its bridge pickup. Steve uses the bass on its self-supporting tripod stand. Steve plays his fretless, body-less bass.

Steve plays acoustic and electric bass in the White Bear Lake Unitarian Big Band. Despite being in the back row, he is the band's "front man," regaling the audience with jokes between the musical selections.

He has also played in pit orchestras for local theatrical productions, including the Moundsview Community Theater's summer 2000 production of "Funny Girl" and the Lakeshore Players' productions of "Bye, Bye, Birdie", "42nd Street", and "Quilters".

Steve is the bassist of the Cutaways Jazz Quartet, with guitarists Jim Foss and Fred Anderson and drummer Dave Tuenge.

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