Roseville Big Band Sit-in Night at St. Michael's

Sit-in night guests joined Roseville Big Band members on "All of Me" at the April 6, 2004, sit-in night.

Saxes await their entrance while the brass play.

In the back, guest trumpeters Pat Gefre and Pat Blyth play backgrounds.

In the middle row, guest trombonists Greg Michnay and Pat Flahaven join regulars George Henly and Rich Eyman. Pat was the first Roseville Big Band trombone sub to fill in on each of the four trombone parts.

In the front row, Roseville Big Band saxophonists Glen Peterson and Kay Foster, guest Mark Stevens, and regular Bill Frank count rests while guest Debbie Clapp plays a baritone sax solo. Both Mark and Debbie came prepared to fill in on other saxes, depending on who else showed up.

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