Carl Berger

Dressed in black and white with blue bow tie, Carl plays a red and yellow guitar. Bigger picture is 22K.

Carl played solid rhythm and flashy solos at the Carleton College Mid-Winter Dance.

Hear Carl soloing on "In the Mood".

Watch Carl solo on "Mas Que Nada" on the July 27, 2010, concert at St. Michael's.

Role in Roseville Big Band: 


Member since: 

2008; also in 1992 and 1999-2002


Software engineer

Carl also was a member of the award-winning Michigan Tech Jazz Ensemble.

In the Twin Cities, he is a member of the septet Jazz Etc., led by Mike Bratlie. He has also subbed in Beasley's Big Band and played guitar, 6-string banjo, and mandolin in various pit orchestras and churches.

Click here to open a separate browser window for a YouTube video of Carl playing "Blackbird" with vocalist Emilee Pritchett in Champlin Park High School's Ovation 2008.

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