Roseville Big Band Concert at St. Michael's, July 27, 2010, 7:40 - 8:55 p.m.

Directed by Glen Newton

Come early and get a sneak preview of the concert as the band does sound checks and reviews parts of songs!

Hot Toddy by Herb Hendler and Ralph Flanagan (1953), arr. by Burnell Whibley

Summer Wind by Johnny Mercer and Henry Mayer (Heinz Meier) (1965), original German lyrics ("Der Sommerwind") by Hans Bradtke, arr. by Dave Wolpe
(featuring vocalist Karen Dunn, with a tenor sax solo by Glen Peterson)

SoCal Samba composed and arranged by Les Sabina (2007)
(featuring a tenor sax solo by Glen Peterson)

Introduction of the trombone section to the audience

Sentimental Journey by Bud Green, Les Brown, and Ben Homer (1944), arr. by Jack Mason; huge hit of Les Brown's band, with Doris Day on the original vocal
(featuring vocalists Karen Dunn and Glen Newton, with a trumpet solo by Bob Nielsen)

Amazing Grace lyrics by John Newton (c. 1772), traditional tune "New Britain" (c. 1829), arr. by F. W. Fairbairn; the association of this tune with bagpipes is relatively modern; although the lyrics first appeared in print in Newton's Olney Hymns (1779), it was little known outside church congregations or folk festivals until Arthur Penn's film Alice's Restaurant (1969), in which Lee Hays of The Weavers leads worshipers in singing "Amazing Grace."
(featuring solo piper David MacKinnon and the Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band)

Highland Cathedral by Michael Korg and Ulrich Roever (1982); form: A (bagpipe solo), A (everybody), B, A, A, B, A, ending; one of the most popular melodies for bagpipes and band; written as a pipe tune for a Highland games in Germany.
(featuring solo piper David MacKinnon and the Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band)

Introduction of the pipes and drums to the audience

Crags of Tumbledown Mountain by P. M. Jimmie Riddell, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards (1982); written in memory of Scots Guards and a Royal Engineer who died during the battle for Mount Tumbledown in the Falklands War.
(featuring the Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band, with a pipe solo by David MacKinnon)

Pipe Major Lynn Ista explained how bagpipes work, along with a bit of their history, to the audience.

Scotland the Brave traditional Scottish, arr. by Beat; first appeared ca. 1900
(featuring the Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band)

I See Mull, Land of My Youth by D. MacLellan; the Isle of Mull is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland.
(The Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band marched out of the activity room while playing this song.)

Introduction of the trumpet section to the audience

My Funny Valentine by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rogers (1937), arr. by Jerry Nowak
(featuring vocalist Karen Dunn, with a flugelhorn solo by Mark Syman and a trombone solo by Mike Bratlie) Click here to watch a YouTube video of Karen singing "My Funny Valentine".

That's All by Bob Haymes and Alan Brandt (1953), arr. by Rob Berry
(featuring vocalist Glen Newton, with an alto sax solo by Bill Frank)

Introduction of the saxophone section to the audience

Showtime! composed and arranged by Eric Richards (2002); premiere performance by the Roseville Big Band
(featuring solos by trombonist Rich Eyman, trumpeter Dan Theobald, tenor saxophonist Chris Knapp, bass trombonist Travis Shepard, and drummer Dave Tuenge)

720 in the Books by Harold Adamson, Jan Savitt and Johnny Watson (1939), arr. by Dave Wolpe; the most popular early hit of Jan Savitt's band, The Top Hatters, it was indeed song number 720 in the band's catalogue; the song was originally an instrumental written by staff arranger Johnny Watson, but this simple riff tune was too good not to have lyrics added and sung by "Bon Bon" (George Tunnell), perhaps the band's biggest star and the first African-American male singer to be featured regularly with a white jazz big band.
(featuring vocalist Karen Dunn, with a tenor sax solo by Glen Peterson)

Introduction of the rhythm section to the audience

Mas Que Nada by Jorge Ben (1963), arr. by Mark Taylor
(featuring guest percussionists from the audience, with a solo by guitarist Carl Berger) Click here to watch a YouTube video of this performance of "Mas Que Nada."

They Can't Take That Away from Me by George and Ira Gershwin (1936), arr. by Dave Wolpe
(featuring vocalists Karen Dunn and Glen Newton) Click here to watch Karen and Glen sing "They Can't Take That Away from Me."

American Patrol by F. W. Meacham (1891), arr. by Jerry Gray
(featuring a solo by trumpeter Mark Lee)

Roseville Big Band performers for this concert:

Saxes: Dan Desmonds (alto and clarinet), Bill Frank (alto and clarinet), Glen Peterson (tenor), Chris Knapp (tenor), and Bill Pearson (baritone and clarinet)
Trumpets and Flugelhorns: Mark Lee, Dan Theobald, Mark Syman, and Bob Nielsen; Glen Newton played trumpet on the bagpipe features
Trombones: Mike Bratlie, Greg Michnay, Rich Eyman, and Travis Shepard (bass trombone)
Rhythm: Ann Booth (piano), Carl Berger (guitar), Mike Wobig (bass), Dave Tuenge (drums), and Glen Newton (vibraphone)
Vocalists: Karen Dunn and Glen Newton
Sound: Jeremy Berneche

The Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band performers for this concert:
  Pipers: David MacKinnon (Pipe Sergeant and soloist), Paul Anderson, and Chris Beskar
  Snare Drummers: Mark Getty and Marguerite Krause
  Bass Drummer: Richard Cady
Pipe Major Lynn Ista, who was unable to play in this concert due to injury, directs the pipe band.

Concerts in Central Park and St. Michael's (including this one, produced by John Rusterholz) are broadcast on Channel 15, CTV North Suburbs in the ten-city area served by the North Suburban Cable Commission. This one was originally planned for the Frank Rog Amphitheatre in Central Park but moved indoors to the activity room at St. Michael's Lutheran Church 1660 W. Co. Rd. B, where the band practices. The move was prompted by the 103-degree heat index and the threat of thunderstorms. Although it wasn't raining at the start of the concert, partway through heavy rain came down, and it was still raining lightly when the concert ended. Since we were not set up to broadcast live from St. Michael's, only the 25 people in the audience saw the live performance; CTV's master control ran the band's July 4 concert in place of the planned live broadcast. However, this concert will be broadcast several times in the next few days. Because producer John Rusterholz was out of town, the video crew was led by Lynn Redlinger, Technical Director, and Ted Aspnes, Director.

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