Glen Peterson

Dressed in blue, Glen plays tenor sax with headphones on.

Glen overdubbed his solo on "Georgia on My Mind" in one take.

Hear Glen's solo on "Georgia on My Mind".
Hear Glen's solo on "Somebody Loves Me".

Watch Glen play a solo on "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" on the July 31, 2007, in Roseville's Central Park.

Glen played a solo on "Show Me the Way to Go Home" at the September 18, 2004, Commemorative Air Force Bomber's Moon Ball.

Role in Roseville Big Band: 

Lead tenor sax; Glen also doubles on soprano sax.

Member since: 

1991 (also 1986)


Mechanical engineer

Glen also plays tenor and alto saxes in 7 Cats Swing, a group that also includes Roseville Big Band members Dave Tuenge and Mike Wobig. He also subs in the BBB Jazz Orchestra.

You might also remember Glen as the tenor sax player with The Townsmen in the early 80's, performing mostly on the east side of St. Paul at North End Improvement, the Gladstone House, Ford Hall, Moose Hall, and the Polish-American Hall.

A 1995 article in the newspaper Eagan THISWEEK said this about Glen and the Roseville Big Band:

Among the outstanding musicians is Glen Peterson, also of Eagan. The two Glens met while playing with the Inver Hills Community College concert band in 1985. Newton asked Peterson, a saxophone player, to fill in with the Roseville band, which Peterson did for about four months. Peterson chose then to be a substitute musician because his wife had had a baby, but he became a Roseville Big Band regular four years ago.

Peterson said the band is a "laid-back, fun group of people to play with. Yet the skill level, it's up there."

"We don't have to pay to be in the band, but we do have to listen to Glen's jokes," Peterson said with a smile.

Also challenging are some of the group's venues. As Peterson pointed out, playing in local parks can be rather interesting when the weather turns ugly. With the band's electrical equipment all around, camera flashes can often look like lightning strikes when the weather is bad.

"It adds to the excitement," Peterson said.

excerpted from "In the swing of things: Local musicians share their time and talent in Twin Cities band" by Brenda Haugen, Eagan THISWEEK Volume 16, No. 17 (June 25, 1995), pp. 1A and 11A.



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