Bill Pearson

Bill stands and plays his baritone sax while watching the dancers.

Bill played a solo on "Y.M.C.A." at the February 7, 2004, Carleton College Mid-Winter Dance.

Hear Bill play a solo on "Rock Around the Clock".

Hear Bill play a solo on "Monster Mash".

Bill concentrated on "Satin Doll" during the Fall, 2012, Commemorative Air Force Dance.

Bill plays baritone sax.

Role in Roseville Big Band: 

Baritone sax; Bill also doubles on clarinet and alto sax.

Member since: 

1990; he was also in the stage band in 1969


Civil engineer

Bill also performs with the Johnny Owen Band.

Bill graduated on alto sax from the Navy Music School in Washington, D. C. While attending the school, Bill's played for a presidential reception when newly-inaugurated President Lyndon Johnson hosted the president of Ireland.

Bill served in the 296th Army Band in Tokyo.

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