Roseville Big Band Personnel Before 1985

Director Mark Lammers Mark Lammers Bob Lancette Bob Lancette (9/76+) Bob Lancette
1st Alto Larry Larson Larry Larson Paul Husby Dan Desmonds (1978+) Dan Desmonds
2nd Alto Colleen Danner, Bill Pearson Colleen Danner Jan Savelkoul Mitchell Harry McCoy Beth Olsen (quit 4-9/84)
1st Tenor Bob Heine Bill Jagger Richard Leisen Scott Harris Melissa Santrach
2nd Tenor Richard Leisen Richard Leisen Gerry Gulbranson Richard Leisen (1964+), Melissa Bridges Dick Leisen
Baritone   Jim Ruff   Kay Pearson (1976+) Kay Pearson
1st Trpt Bob Dynan Bob Dynan Curt Johnson John Curlee (1978+) John Curlee
2nd Trpt Leonard Borlaug Mary Alice Anderson, Leonard Borlaug Bob Jones Bob Jones, Sr. Glen Newton (9/83+)
3rd Trpt Norman Sainty Norman Sainty Ed Hemauer Marty Marentic Mark Lee (4/84+)
4th Trpt   Don Hensel Marty Marentic Ed Hemauer Ed Hemauer
1st Trb Eric Soderstrom Merle Danielson Larry Perry

Larry Perry (1978+)

Larry Perry

2nd Trb Carolyn Mathieson Eric Soderstrom Harlan Hohenstein Carol Jensen (1980+) Carol Jensen
3rd Trb Peter Olson Carolyn Mathieson Tom Martin Harlan Hohenstein Harlan Hohenstein
4th Trb Ted Olson Peter Olson Roger Lundberg (1976?+) Roger Lundberg Roger Lundberg
Guitar       Leigh Anderson (1980+) Leigh Anderson
Piano Judy Lohmer Judy Lohmer   Arlie McCoy Sue Weber
Bass       Jim Foster (1977+) Jim Foster
Drums Al McAfee, John Nimlos Al McAfee, Mike Sandmann Chris Lancette Chris Lancette George Hernandez
Roster Dates 11/20/69 3/19/70   January 1983 4/10 & 9/3/84

*These names are listed on programs of the Roseville Municipal Band, on which the stage band also played. They only list people by sections, not who played which part or even who played which type of saxophone. Thus the assignment of people to parts is mostly arbitrary in the above table for 1969 and 1970. We do know that Colleen Danner and Bill Pearson played alto, Dick Leisen tenor, and Jim Ruff bari. No string bass player is listed, but band director Mark Lammers always brought in a "ringer" to play the concert. Steve Barnett was one of them.

**These are the people visible in a photograph of the jazz band playing for a pancake breakfast in February, 1979. The picture caption says, "Entertainment for the breakfast was provided by the Roseville Comunity Band, of course."

The people named below are just some of those who played in the Roseville Big Band between 1976 and 1983. Most of the musicians listed in the 1983 and 1984 rosters also played before 1983, and they are not listed again here unless they played different instruments. During that time period, the distinction between members and subs was less clear. For example, Harry McCoy, listed above on second alto in 1983, did not regard himself as a regular member of the group, and he subbed on all five of the sax parts. Furthermore, people sometimes doubled parts, so some of the musicians listed below might not have played all the time.

Mark Lammers, director

Alan Olson, alto sax
Carolyn Rosdahl, tenor sax
Jan Savelkoul (now Jan Mitchell), second alto sax

Kurt Johnson, lead trumpet
Dave Braseth, trumpet

Phil Florine, lead trombone
Brian Wistrom, trombone
Jim Foster, valve trombone

Bob Jones, Jr., piano
Glen Newton, piano

Jim Foster, guitar

Kathy Olsen, vocal

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