Roseville Municipal Band Concert, Thursday, November 20, 1969
Fall Concert, held in the Capitol View Junior High School Gymnasium, Rice at County Road B, beginning at 8:00 p.m.

Directed by Mark Lammers

The Municipal Band:

March of the Golden Brass by John Cacavas

English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughn Williams

I. March - "Seventeen Come Sunday"
II. Intermezzo - "My Bonny Boy"
III. March - "Folk Songs from Somerset"

Beguine for Trombones by James Christensen

The Brass Quartet:

Adagio and Allegro by Nicola Zingarelli

Prince of Denmark's March by Jeremiah Clarke

The Municipal Band:

Royal Fireworks Music by George Frederick Handel

I. Overture
II. Bouree
III. La Paix
IV. Minuet
V. Allegro

The Woodwind Quintet:

March by John Barrows

Quintet Opus 88 No. 2 by Johann Reicha

The Municipal Band:

Selections from Mr. Lucky by Henry Mancini, arr. by John Krance

The Stage Band:

For Sentimental Reasons by William Best, arr. by Glenn Osser

Hot Cha Cha Cha by Glenn Osser

Lazy Sunday by Johnny Hodges, arr. by Dick Fenno

Mame by Jerry Herman, arr. by John Warrington

The Municipal Band:

Funiculi - Funicula by Luigi Denza, arr. by Philip Lang

The Minnesota March by John Philip Sousa

The Stage Band performers listed for this concert were saxophonists Larry Larson, Colleen Danner, Bill Pearson (who says that he merely attended a few rehearsals but didn't play on the concert), Bob Heine (who later fronted his own successful big band in the Twin Cities), and Richard Leisen; trombonists Eric Soderstrom, Carolyn Mathieson, Peter Olson, and Ted Olson; trumpeters Bob Dynan, Leonard Borlaug, and Norman Sainty; pianist Judy Lohmer; and percussionists John Nimlos and Al McAfee. There was probably also a string bass player that Mark Lammers brought in for the concert, but none is listed.

The Woodwind Quintet was comprised of flutist Barbara Arnold, oboist Horace Davis, clarinetist Mary Wannarka, bassoonist David Magnuson (who later directed the Roseville Municipal Band), and French hornist Carol Jensen.

The Brass Quartet was comprised of Jerome Opland and Fred Arnold, trumpets; Robert Lang, trombone; and Dennis Opland, baritone.

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