Carleton 2004

The Roseville Big Band performed at the Carleton College Mid-Winter Dance, February 7, 2004. Dancers enjoyed the wide variety of music the band played, while dressed in attire that ranged from elegant to casual to downright silly, in keeping with the Dr. Suess theme. During the band's breaks, the room filled with salsa music from CDs.
Black satin gloves contrast with a flannel shirt. Wearing a "one fish" hat, a dancer offers us a drink of water. He wears a vest; she wears a man's hat. They laugh as they dance. A casually dressed couple dances to a slow ballad.
Four dancers create an innovative group dance.A formally-dressed couple glides across the floor.Dancers demonstrate a fast East Coast swing style.
Maracas fly in time with the beat. Student guest percussionists played maracas and vibra-slap while Bill Frank played an alto sax solo on "La Bamba." The tambourine and guiro add spice to the rhythm. Others played tambourine, guiro, and agogo bells. The two tones of the agogo bells punctuate the syncopation.

The trombone section played a passage in "Intermission Riff," one of two songs the band performed for the first time that evening.

Can you tell who left his tux in his car?

The Roseville Big Band trombone section.
Glen wears an orange waist-length lei with the key at the bottom. Glen Newton wore the key to the break room around his neck. The mini-boa also came in handy as a prop when he sang "Minnie the Moocher." Bob Nielsen led the dancing on "Y.M.C.A." Bob makes a "C".
Mike Bratlie improvised a trombone solo on "El Sol Tambien Se Pone." Mike stands for his solo.
Robin Hart Ruthenbeck supervised the setup and cleanup. Robin smiles at the camera while students mill around after the dance.   Frank smiles inside the bus, with the bus rules in the background. Frank Friesen drove the bus and helped load and unload. Frank also drove for the road trip in 2003.

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Rich Eyman, third trombone George Henly, third trombone Mike Bratlie, lead trombone Keith Miner, bass trombone Jim Foss loaned Keith his tux jacket. Keith's jeans are a clue. Bill Frank, alto sax soloist