Deb Asselanis

Deb played tenor sax. Deb warmed up for the Roseville Big Band's July 31, 2001, concert in Central Park.
Deb played "Blue Skies" along with fellow saxophonists Glen Peterson, Dan Desmonds, Bill Frank, and Bill Pearson. Deb and Glen play tenors, Dan and Bill F. play altos, and Bill P. plays baritone sax.
Deb smiles for the camera, holding her silver Conn baritone sax. Deb warmed up on baritone sax for the Roosevelt Middle School Jazz Festival, March 22, 2002.

In addition to substituting in the Roseville Big Band, Deb has played tenor sax in the Inver Hills Community College band and baritone sax in the Inver Hills Community College jazz band and both instruments in the Grand Symphonic Winds.

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