Roseville Big Band Concert in Central Park, July 31, 2001, 7:30 - 8:50 p.m.
Directed by Glen Newton

Woodchopper's Ball by Joey Bishop and Woody Herman (1939), arr. by Glenn Osser
(featuring solos by Glen Newton, trumpet (playing from up in the audience); Bob Nielsen, trumpet; Mike Bratlie, trombone; Keith Miner, bass trombone; Bill Frank, alto sax; Harvey Skow, trumpet; Rich Eyman, trombone; Glen Peterson, tenor sax; and Mike Wobig, electric bass)
This selection is available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape.

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter by Joe Young and Fred E. Ahlert (1935), arr. by Dave Wolpe
(featuring vocalist Karen Dunn with an alto sax solo by Dan Desmonds)

Isfahan from The Far East Suite by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn (1966), arr. by Duke Ellington
(featuring Eric Blomquist, alto saxophone)

The Glory of Love by Billy Hill (1936), arr. by Dave Wolpe, vocal arr. by Glen Newton
(featuring the Rosetones vocal quartet, with Dan Desmonds on alto sax)

Dance to the Music by Sylvester Stewart (1968), arr. by Roger Holmes; recorded by Sly and the Family Stone
(featuring Carl Berger, guitar)

Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway (1930's), lyric selection by Kay Foster; Cab Calloway's biggest hit, with a story that evolved over the years; this is a combination of several versions
(featuring vocalist/trumpeter Glen Newton, with audience participation on the "Hi De Ho"s)

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square by Eric Maschwitz and Manning Sherwin (1940), arr. by Frank Mantooth; this arrangement was commissioned by the U.S.A.F. "Airmen of Note"
(Roseville Big Band, featuring Rich Eyman, trombone; Harvey Skow, flugelhorn; and Bill Pearson, baritone sax)

Blue Skies by Irving Berlin (1927), arr. by Paul Jennings
(featuring the Rosetones, with solos by pianist Ann Booth and scat vocalist Keith Miner)
This selection is available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape.

Sugar Blues by Lucy Fletcher and Clarence Williams (1919), arr. by Glenn Osser; Clyde McCoy's biggest hit
(featuring Glen Newton, trumpet with plunger)

Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne (1945), arr. by Allyn Erickson; a Frank Sinatra classic
(featuring vocalist Kirk Lindberg)

Grace Yourself by Peter Nero (1974), arr. by Mike Bratlie
(Roseville Big Band, with solos by flutist Bill Frank and guitarist Carl Berger)

Sentimental Journey by Bud Green, Les Brown, and Ben Homer (1944), arr. by Jack Mason; huge hit of Les Brown's band, with Doris Day on the original vocal
(featuring the Rosetones, with a trumpet solo by Bob Nielsen)

Of All Things by Bill Holman (1954), arr. by Bill Holman; originally written to feature Charlie Parker, who was touring with the Stan Kenton band along with other guest soloists in the Festival of Modern American Jazz tour; recorded March 1, 1954, by the Kenton band with Lee Konitz on the alto sax solo
(featuring Eric Blomquist, alto saxophone)

Big Noise from Winnetka by Ray Bauduc, Bob Crosby, Bob Haggart, and Gil Rodin (1940), arr. by Corky Whitlock; original version by Bob Crosby and His Orchestra (Decca: 1940) was one of the greatest instrumentals of the big band era, including a duet between bass and drums, played on the original Bob Crosby record by Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc, with Crosby whistling the melody line.
(featuring solos by Glen Peterson, tenor sax; Mike Bratlie, trombone; Eric Blomquist, alto sax; Rich Eyman, trombone; Glen Newton, E-flat flute; and Carl Berger, guitar)

What a Wonderful World by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele (1967), arr. by Jerry Nowak, vocal arr. by Glen Newton; recorded by Louis Armstrong
(Roseville Big Band, featuring the Rosetones vocal quartet)

Cha Cha Cha for Judy by Marshall Brown (1959), arr. by Marshall Brown
(featuring guest percussionists from the audience)
This selection is available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape.

It Don't Mean a Thing if It Ain't Got That Swing by Duke Ellington (1932), arr. by Mike Carubia
(featuring the Rosetones, with a trumpet solo by Mark Lee)

In addition to the soloists listed above, the Roseville Big Band performers for this concert include Mark Olson, trombone; Kim Kermes, trumpet; Deb Asselanis, tenor sax; and David Blomquist, drums. Dan Desmonds also played clarinet.

The Rosetones are Karen Dunn, lead, Diane Lindberg, alto, Kirk Lindberg, tenor, and Glen Newton, bass.

Concerts in Central Park are usually broadcast live on Channel 15, CTV North Suburbs. However, because the projected heat index was over 100 degrees, the broadcast and videotaping were cancelled the morning of the concert. In late afternoon, the air temperature was around 96 degrees, and the heat index was close to 110, but by the time the concert started, it had cooled off to a tolerable temperature and a breeze (which several times blew music off the conductor stand) helped further. About 275 people, including a few of Mike and Diana Bratlie's friends from Sweden and locals from as far away as Chaska and Minnetonka, braved the weather to attend the concert.

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