Keith Miner

Keith enjoyed the playback of his scat solo on "Blue Skies" at Studio M. Hear Keith's scat solo on "Blue Skies".

Hear Keith playing in the trombone family feud on "Woodchopper's Ball".

Keith smiles at the sound in the Studio M control room.

Keith sang "Angel Eyes" at the Carleton Mid-Winter Ball.

Hear Keith singing "My Little Girl".

Keith played bass trombone with a bucket mute on "Show Me the Way to Go Home" at the Carleton College 2011 Mid-Winter Ball.

Role in Roseville Big Band: 

Lead trombone since 2013; bass trombone 1990-2012; Keith also sings with the band and has composed "My Little Girl","Bedtime Look", and "Still Love You" for us.

Member since: 



Leads a team that develops online training courses

A music education major at Ithaca College for two and a half years before switching majors, Keith continues his interest in performing and song writing. The Roseville Big Band recording of his song "My Little Girl" has been featured on National Public Radio.

In the Twin Cities, Keith has performed on trombone with the Macalester Band and Paul Pizner's "Just Friends" Jazz Ensemble at Hamline University.

Keith has also participated in the Nokomis Vocal Jazz workshops and sung as one of the Methodudes with the Methodaires chorus.

"One of the men was a trombone player who came up front to show the audience how to scat sing. During the song I picked up one of his lines of verse, "Scat doodely bee bop, dweedle debo doo be do bowwwowwwww." I thought that it was really neat that he did that, me being a jazz band player and all. The song was called Blue Skies. I was also amazed at how much of a wide range of notes and octaves that the singer had. While he sang he had great facial expression and maintained good eye contact." --- John Peterson, Band Hour 4, Buffalo, Minnesota (excerpt from his school report on a Roseville Big Band concert at Edinborough Park)

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