Bedtime Look
by Keith Miner
Copyright 1999 by Keith Miner. All rights reserved.
Arranged by Glen Newton.

This video of Keith singing Bedtime Look was recorded at the Roseville Big Band's June 6, 2000, concert in Central Park.

You're slowing down, I pick you up,
You take one last sip from your milk cup,
You rub your eyes, you stretch and sigh, that's all it took,
Then you give to me your Bedtime Look.

We settle down in our easy chair, Bigger picture is 38K.
I hold you close, you hug your bear,
I sing this song, you hum along, then we read a book,
And you give to me your Bedtime Look.

  I lay you down, you're almost there,
You close your eyes, I stroke your hair,
With just one sigh you drift asleep,
I pray the Lord your soul to keep.

I stay awhile to gaze at you,
And dream of all that you might do,
I thank the stars that you are ours and take one more look,
As I give to you my Bedtime Look.

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