My Little Girl - Audio Excerpts
Performed by the Roseville Big Band

Audio Source: Concert in the Park CD, recorded March 21-22, 1998.

"My Little Girl" is an original composition by Keith Miner. It was arranged by Glen Newton.

Excerpt Name Description Streaming Audio Format
First phrase Keith Miner, soloist; 15 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (37KB)
Vibe solo Glen Newton, soloist; 33 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (84KB)
Trumpet interlude Glen Newton, soloist; 28 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (71KB)
Start of second verse Keith Miner, soloist; 28 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (69KB)

The excerpts above are from the CD audio. The video at the left is from a Roseville Big Band performance in Central Park on July 26, 2005.

If you enjoyed these excerpts, here's the entire song (3 minutes, 43 seconds) as a downloadable medium-fidelity MP3 file (2.2MB mp3) and as a streaming Windows Media Audio file optimized for 28.8KB connections (569KB .wma).

And if you enjoyed the MP3 or streaming audio or YouTube video, you'll enjoy "My Little Girl" on our CD even more because of its higher fidelity sound!

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