Blue Skies - Audio Excerpts
Performed by the Roseville Big Band

Source: Concert in the Park CD, recorded March 21-22, 1998

The vocal quartet for this version of "Blue Skies" was arranged by Glen Newton.

Excerpt Name Description Streaming Audio or Video Format
Intro and first phrase Ann Booth, piano; The Rosetones, vocal; 22 secs.

28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (56KB)

Scat vocal solo Keith Miner, soloist; 27 secs.

28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (68KB)
56Kbps Windows Media Video (123KB)

Ending The Rosetones, vocal quartet; Keith Miner, vocal soloist; 7 secs. 28.8 StereoWindows Media Audio (18KB)

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