Eric Blomquist

Eric improvised on "Of All Things" during the July 31, 2001, concert in Central Park. Eric solos with his eyes closed.
Eric solos in front of the band. On the same concert, Eric recreated Johnny Hodges' haunting solo on "Isfahan".

A 2001 graduate of Roseville Area High School (RAHS), Eric played alto and soprano sax in the RAHS bands and jazz ensembles. He also sang tenor in the concert choir, men's chorus, barbershoppers, and jazz choirs. Eric was also involved in drama, both at school and in the community. You may have also heard him playing with Hektor and the Gas Giants; Eric is the baritone saxophonist on their CD, "Who's Hektor".

On the Roseville Big Band's July 31, 2001, concert in the Central Park band shell, Eric was the featured soloist on "Isfahan" and "Of All Things". He also took a solo chorus on "Big Noise from Winnetka".

Eric majored in music at the University of Minnesota, studying with Eugene Rousseau.

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