Roy Henline

Roy Henline, lead trombone Roy played a solo in the Twin Cities Jazz Orchestra's April, 1998, concert at Edinborough Park.
Former Role in Roseville Big Band: 

Lead trombone

Member during: 




Roy played in the Just Friends big band founded by Paul Pizner at Hamline University. When Paul directed the Roseville Big Band, he invited Roy to join the group, and Roy shared the lead trombone duties with Carol Jensen. Roy was one of the Roseville Big Band soloists on its 1989 concerts in Acapulco, Mexico.

Roy was one of the founders of the Twin Cities Jazz Orchestra, an ensemble similar in instrumentation to the Roseville Big Band. Roy plays second trombone and many of the solos in the TCJO. He also often leads the group's rehearsals.

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