The Twin Cities Jazz Orchestra

The TCJO had its roots in the Just Friends big band that Paul Pizner led at Hamline University.

Although the TCJO's instrumentation is nearly the same as that of the Roseville Big Band (but the TCJO has no vocalists or vibes), their music repertoire is significantly different, emphasizing modern high-powered jazz. Founders Neil Danielson (lead trombone) and Roy Henline (second trombone) have amassed a music library that includes many manuscript charts along with published works. Some of them are not performed by any other Twin Cities ensembles, and a few are completely unique to the TCJO.

For a brief sample of the music featured by the TCJO, listen to or watch this compilation, edited from a video recorded live at Edina's Edinborough Park, April 20, 1998:

Format (All include stereo sound.)

Technical Notes

RealAudio (121KB)
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This audio compilation moves quickly from one soloist to the next. (Refer to the list below.) The two versions have identical material and are each about 45 seconds long. They should play smoothly if your internet connection can sustain about 21K bits per second (Kbps).
RealVideo (340KB)
Windows Media Video (492KB)
This video is 160x120 pixels and improves the sound quality slightly over the audio-only versions above. It's one minute long, because it includes a trailer with credits after the main audio material. The RealVideo version needs a 45Kbps data rate, and the Windows Media Video version needs a 70Kbps data rate, which you probably will have with an ISDN or cable connection to the internet. If not, you can download it and play it from your computer. (To achieve the low data rates, video smoothness and detail had to be compromised. For example, the Windows Media version was created at 2 frames per second, so it looks a bit jerky.)
MPEG1 (9.94MB) For those with a high-speed internet connection or a lot of patience, this is the version to view; it has the highest quality audio and video (352x240 pixels) of any included here. It's one minute long but needs a sustained data rate of 1390Kbps, so you may need to download it to your computer and play it from your hard drive.

Excerpts (about 5 seconds each) featured on the compilation:

Keith Thompson - trumpet solo on "Birdland"
Steve Sonmore - tenor sax solo on "Not Yet"
Glen Newton - trombone soloist on "Two Over Easy"
Mike Park and Kurt Christensen - trumpet duet on "Fox Hunt"
Kurt Christensen - trumpet solo on "Fox Hunt"
Dave Wright - alto sax solo on "Not Yet"
Roy Henline - trombone solo on "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most"
Jim Grismer - drum set solo on "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most"
John Koziol - piano solo on "Not Yet"

The credits music (only on the video), featuring John Koziol on the piano, is "Samba de Rollins". It is one of the selections on the TCJO's CD, "Temporary Insanity", released in 2000.

Until mid-2003, the TCJO played regularly at O'Gara's on Snelling in St. Paul. Its other concerts included performances in Roseville's Central Park Band shell.

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