Fred Christiansen

Bigger picture is 50K Fred warmed up in the Roseville Area Middle School band room.

Former Role in Roseville Big Band: 

Second trombone

Member during: 

1992 through 2003


Retired architect

Fred also performs with the St. Michael's orchestra in Bloomington.

He led the Peterson Band in the Northfield area in the late 40's. Then, in the early 50's, Fred played in the 199th Army Band and the 5th Armored Division Band and participated in the recording of all of Karl King's published works. He also played in the Ft. Smith Symphony as well as rodeo and ice show bands.

After leaving the army, Fred taught instrumental and vocal music in Valier, Montana.

Web site visitors from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, might remember Fred as a music teacher and member of the Interstate Band from 1954 through 1957.

In 1957, while in graduate school, Fred succeeded Dale Warland as director of the Hope Lutheran Church choir. He also led the church's brass ensemble.

After completing graduate school, Fred's musical involvement broadened to the architectural design of auditoriums and other music performance spaces. These included the recital hall and auditorium in the Arts and Sciences building in St. Paul, the recital hall at the University of Notre Dame, and many others.

Visitors from Rochester, Minneapolis, and other Minnesota communities might remember Fred as a trombonist with the Lind Brass Ensemble, which played at numerous hospitals, churches, schools, and other venues from 1958 through 1985.

Fred has also played trombone in the Roseville Community Band.

Fred designed the storage area the Roseville Big Band uses at St. Michael's Lutheran Church and built it with the help of another member of the church.

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