Jim Emery

Jim smiles at the camera.

Jim sang "Georgia on My Mind" at the September 30, 2003, rehearsal with (left to right) Kirk Lindberg, Diane Lindberg, and Karen Dunn.

The quartet practices at St. Michael's.

Jim has been singing ever since his first church solo at age 3. Prior to his barbershop singing, he excelled at instrumental music as a statewide all-star cornet player in Michigan and in musical theater, earning academic awards both in music and theater.

Upon moving to Minnesota, he began nine years of private voice study and entered the barbershop world. He was the baritone of two quartets in which Kirk Lindberg sang lead, the Little Rascals, 1981 Land-O-Lakes District champion quartet, and Celebration, a perennial international semifinalist quartet in the 1980's and '90's. Jim also sang baritone in Innovation, the 2000 Land-O-Lakes District champion and international competitor. He now sings in the quartet MSP.

Jim has been a musical leader from the beginning of his barbershop career, having led the musical teams of two international medalist choruses. As one of the founders of the Hilltop, Minnesota, chapter and its Great Northern Union chorus, a perennial international chorus competitor, he leads its Singing Team and is an internal chorus vocal coach. Jim is also a certified SPEBSQSA judge in the singing category and a sought-after quartet and chorus coach throughout the Midwest.

Jim first performed with the Roseville Big Band at a wedding reception October 4, 2003.

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