Former Roseville Big Band Subs

We are fortunate that talented musicians can fill in when Roseville Big Band members are unavailable for rehearsals and concerts. Here are some who have played with the band in the past but are not currently active on our sub list:

Saxophones Adrian poses with his tenor Mickey plays tenor Dave plays alto Michael plays bari
Adrian White,
alto and tenor sax
Mickey Lockner,
tenor sax
Dave Magnuson,
alto sax
Michael Jordan,
baritone sax
  Keith plays bari Leslie plays alto Mary plays alto Debbie plays bari
  Keith Horst,
baritone sax
Leslie Brandt,
alto sax
Mary Kay Peterson,
alto and tenor sax
Debbie Clapp,
alto, tenor and baritone sax
  Deb poses with her bari Paul plays bari Chris plays tenor sax Al plays tenor
  Deb Asselanis,
tenor and baritone sax
Paul Willis,
baritone and tenor sax
Chris Knapp,
alto and tenor sax
Al Burns,
tenor sax and clarinet
Sarah plays trumpet John plays muted trumpet Mike plays trumpet  
  Sarah Sonsalla John Harbaugh Mike Manthei  
Dennis plays trombone Carin plays tuba Don plays bass trombone Andy smiles for the camera
  Dennis Hunt
Carin Bratlie,

Don Dresser,
bass trombone

Andrew Peik,
bass trombone
  Mark plays tenor trombone Ted plays bass trombone Greg plays trombone Dale plays muted trombone
  Mark Olson,
tenor and bass trombones
Ted Aspnes,
bass trombone
Greg Onstad Dale Abrahamson
Rhythm Angela plays piano Ted plays upright bass David plays drum set Larry plays electric bass
  Angela Nybakke,
Ted Hermann,
string bass
David Blomquist,
Larry Schumi,
electric bass
  Bruce plays piano Cory plays guitar Fred plays guitar Tim plays electric bass
  Bruce Nerase,
Cory Wong,
Fred Anderson,
Tim Christman,
electric bass
Vocalists Mark smiles for the camera Heather smiles for the camera    
  Mark Scanlan,
Heather Minter,
Denise Baber, alto  

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

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