Kelli Rae Tubbs

Kelli Rae played the band's rim set at the January 8, 2013, rehearsal.
Kelli Rae sight-read several of the songs at the Scott County Historical Society dance.

Kelli Rae first sat in with the Roseville Big Band on January 8, 2012, but she's performed with various members of the band in other big bands, combos, country, and bluegrass groups for years before. Her first performance with the band was the Scott County Historical Society dance, October 12, 2013.

You might have seen Kelli Rae playing drums and doing some singing in the production of "I Love The Way You Talk To Chickens: Mostly True Stories and Songs About Love" at the Festival Theatre in St. Croix Falls, or perhaps playing percussion in the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band, or sitting in on drums with the BBB Big Band, or even singing and playing mandolin with a bluegrass group in a county fair llama barn.

Kelli Rae is the leader of the band Swing and a Miss, which you may have seen at the Vintage Band Festival in Northfield and other venues around the state, and the Whistlin' Dixies traditional jazz band. She's an expert on historical drumming and has produced a set of short videos on the history of cymbals.

Part 1: Hoop Mounted Cymbals:

Part 2: Pedal Cymbals:

Part 3: The Charleston Pedal:

Part 4: The Lowboy:

Part 5: High Sock Cymbal:

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