Roseville Big Band Concert at Edinborough Park, October 15, 2017, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Band: Wear summer shirts and black slacks.

Directed by Glen Newton

Little Brown Jug traditional (1939), arr. by Bill Finegan; the Glenn Miller band's first hit swing tune!
(featuring solos by Eric Laska, electric bass; Glen Peterson, tenor sax, and Dan Theobald, trumpet)

Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer (1944), arr. by Rob Berry; sung by Bing Crosby in the Paramount Pictures motion picture "Here Come the Waves."
(featuring vocalist and trumpet soloist Glen Newton, with a piano solo by Bill Johnson)

Satin Doll by Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington and Johnny Mercer (1952), band arr. by Sammy Nestico, vocal arr. by Glen Newton
(featuring solos by Jeff Olsen on trumpet, Dan Desmonds on tenor sax, and Bill Johnson on piano)

Introduction of the trumpet section to the audience.

Still Love You by Keith Miner (2000), arr. by Glen Newton; Keith composed this song to honor his parents on their wedding anniversary.
(featuring composer-vocalist Keith Miner, with solos by Jason Swalley, guitar; and Scott Swenson, trombone)

How High the Moon by Morgan Lewis and Nancy Hamilton (1940), arr. by Dave Wolpe; the earliest recorded hit version was by Benny Goodman & His Orchestra in 1941, but the best-known recording of the song is by Les Paul and Mary Ford, made on January 4, 1951.
(featuring the trombone section, with solos by Keith Miner, George Henly, and Scott Swenson)

Introduction of the trombone section to the audience.

Lady Be Good by George and Ira Gershwin (1924), arr. by Terry White; introduced by Walter Catlett in the Broadway show "Lady Be Good"; a signature song for Ella Fitzgerald after she recorded it in 1947
(featuring trumpeter Bob Nielsen, alto saxophonist Kay Foster, and electric bassist Eric Laska)

Rosie the Riveter by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb (1942), arr. by Julie Zeidel, vocal arr. by Glen Newton
(featuring vocalists Bob Nielsen and Glen Newton, with a trombone solo by George Henly and Mark Lee on the ratchet)
This selection is available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape.

Monster Big Band Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Leonard Capizzi (1962), arr. by Glen Newton
(featuring Glen Newton as the Mad Scientist/rapper and Jim Foster as Igor the assistant; with Bill Pearson on the baritone sax)

Introduction of the saxophone section to the audience.

Straighten Up and Fly Right by Nat King Cole and Irving Mills (1944), arr. by Stephen Bulla; the King Cole Trio's most popular recording, based on a folk tale that Cole's father had used as a theme for one of his sermons.
(featuring vocalist Keith Miner, with a band vocal and audience sing-along, and instrumental solos by Bill Johnson on piano and Jason Swalley on guitar)

String of Pearls by Jerry Gray (1942), arr. by Johnny Warrington; Glenn Miller's recording of this song ranked #7 on Billboard Magazine's 1955 poll of leading disk jockies in the United States to determine the all-time popular music record standards
(featuring solos by Kay Foster, alto sax, Dan Theobald, trumpet, and Bill Johnson, piano)

Introduction of the rhythm section to the audience.

Beer Barrel Polka by Jaromir Vejvoda, Wladimir A. Timm, and Vasek Zeman (1934, "Skoda Lasky"), English text by Lew Brown (1939), arr. by Vic Schoen, vocal arr. by Glen Newton; sing along with us!
(featuring vocalists Keith Miner and Glen Newton)

When You're Smiling by Larry Shay, Joe Goodwin, and Mark Fisher (1928), arr. by Tom Kubis; Louis Armstrong made this tune a standard with his recordings in 1929, 1932, and 1956.
(with a tenor sax solo by Glen Peterson)

Roseville Big Band performers for this concert (left to right):

Saxes (left to right): Glen Peterson (tenor), Bill Frank (alto), Kay Foster (alto and soprano), Dan Desmonds (tenor), and Bill Pearson (baritone)
Trumpets and Flugelhorns (left to right): Dan Theobald, Jeff Olsen, Mark Lee, and Bob Nielsen
Trombones (left to right): Scott Swenson, Keith Miner, George Henly, and Tom Huelsmann (bass trombone); Glen Newton played trombone while Keith sang "Still Love You"
Rhythm (front to back): Glen Newton (vibraphone), Bill Johnson (piano), Jason Swalley (guitar), Eric Laska (bass), and Jim Foster (drums)
Vocalists: Glen Newton, Bob Nielsen, and Keith Miner

About 100 audience members watched the live concert. CTV volunteers videorecorded it, so others can see in on TV and the Internet.

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