Rosie the Riveter - Audio Excerpts
Performed by the Roseville Big Band

Audio Source: Concert in the Park CD, recorded March 21-22, 1998.

This version of "Rosie the Riveter" was arranged by Julie Stenberg and Glen Newton.

Excerpt Name Description Streaming Audio Format
Introduction Kirk Lindberg, soloist; 23 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (60KB)
There's something true about ... Glen Newton and Bob Nielsen, soloists; 13 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (35KB)
She's making history, working for victory ... Kirk, Glen, and Bob; 7 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (18KB)
Interlude: trombone solo Rich Eyman, soloist; 13 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (33KB)
Ending Glen, Bob, and Kirk (and a rivet gun); 11 secs. 28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (30KB)
Entire Song All of the above and more! 3 min. 24 secs. 128Kbps MP3 (4MB)

The excerpts above are from the CD. The video at the left was recorded live at the Roseville Big Band's June 6, 2009, concert.

Studio M co-owner Tom Mudge, who served as chief engineer for Concert in the Park, appears as one of the background voices in the introduction to Rosie the Riveter on the CD. Producer Glen Newton selected the comically exaggerated sounds of the "cocktail bar" from a radio drama Tom acted in fifteen years earlier, depicting Robin Hood and his merry men.

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