Studio M

Tom sets a level. Bigger picture is 27K Tom Mudge engineered the Roseville Big Band's recording at Studio M in downtown St. Paul.
Glen Newton, Diane Lindberg , Karen Dunn, and Kirk Lindberg, The Rosetones, overdubbed "Somebody Loves Me" at Studio M. Hear excerpts from "Somebody Loves Me". They recorded into a single microphone so the vocal track would accurately indicate their acoustic blend.
Glen, Diane, Karen, and Kirk sing with headsets on.

The Roseville Big Band recorded the band and vocal tracks for its commercially available recording, Concert in the Park, at Studio M in St. Paul, Minnesota, March 21 and 22, 1998. Selected overdubs and mixing were accomplished at the studio during the next few weeks. Tom Mudge was the chief engineer and Glen Newton produced the recording and controlled the faders for the volume levels on the final mixes.

At the time of the recording, Studio M had one isolation booth, which Tom and consultant Steve Wright recommended they use for the drum set, to prevent it bleeding through into other tracks. This left no isolated room for the vocal recordings, necessitating overdubs. (In contrast, the Classic Big Band also used Studio M, but they put the drum set in the main room, semi-isolated with baffles, and had the vocalists record in the isolation booth.)

However, even with a separate room for vocals, the Roseville Big Band would not have been able to record the Rosetones at the same time as the instrumental tracks. Due to a death in the family, lead trumpeter Mark Lee was unavailable for the initial recording sessions, so vocal bass Glen Newton played Mark's parts during those sessions.

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