Roseville Big Band Concert in Como Park, May 27, 2014, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
The concert venue is the Lakeside Pavilion. Click here for a map.

Directed by Glen Newton

Come early and get a sneak preview of the concert as the band does sound checks and reviews parts of songs!

Dance to the Big Band Swing by Glen Newton (1999), arr. by Glen Newton; a Roseville Big Band original and its opening theme song
(featuring vocalists Karen Dunn and Glen Newton, with solos by drummer Dave Tuenge and tenor saxophonist Glen Peterson)
This selection is a bonus track on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park (+8) CD.

Chicago by Fred Fisher (1922), arr. by Paul Clark
(featuring solos by Dan Theobald, trumpet; Keith Miner, trombone; Bill Frank, alto sax; and Glen Peterson, tenor sax)

'S Wonderful by George and Ira Gershwin (1927), arr. by Dave Wolpe; this song was introduced in the Broadway musical Funny Face (1927).
(featuring vocalist Karen Dunn, with a trumpet solo by Dan Theobald and a tenor sax solo by Glen Peterson)

Fascinating Rhythm by George and Ira Gershwin (1924), arr. by Sammy Nestico; performed by Fred and Adele Astaire and Cliff Edwards in the 1924 musical, "Lady Be Good!"
(featuring unison lead playing by Glen Peterson, tenor sax, and Keith Miner, trombone)

The More I See You by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren (1945), arr. by Dave Wolpe
(featuring vocalist Karen Dunn)

Front Burner composed and arranged by Sammy Nestico (1976); first performance by the Roseville Big Band!
(featuring solos by Jason Swalley, guitar; Grace Johnson, tenor sax; and Ann Booth, piano)

Introduction of the trombone section to the audience.

Longer by Dan Fogelberg (1979), arr. by Jerry Nowak
(featuring vocalists Karen Dunn and Glen Newton)

My Little Girl by Keith Miner (1997), arr. by Keith Miner and Glen Newton
(featuring vocalist Keith Miner, with solos by Mark Syman, trumpet, and Glen Newton, vibraphone)
This selection is available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape.

Introduction of the saxophone section to the audience.

Route 66 by Bobby Troupe (1946), arr. by Bob Lowden
(featuring solos by Ann Booth on piano, Tom Huelsmann on bass trombone, Bill Frank on alto sax, Keith Miner on scat vocal, Grace Johnson on tenor sax, Rich Eyman on trombone, and Mike Wobig on electric bass; with artistic finger-snapping by the audience)

Let's Fall in Love by Ted Koehler and Harold Arlen (1933), arr. by Rusty Dedrick
(featuring vocalist Karen Dunn)

Introduction of the trumpet and flugelhorn section to the audience, including a demonstration of the difference between flugelhorn and trumpet that led to singing "Happy Birthday" for Glen Newton.

Circle Blues by Len Yaeger (1998), arr. by Len Yaeger
(featuring a Dixieland trio of Bob Nielsen, trumpet, Kay Foster, alto sax, and Keith Miner, trombone; with solos by (C:) Glen Newton, E-flat flute; (C:) George Henly, trombone; (D:) Mark Syman, trumpet; (D:) Rich Eyman, trombone; (F:) Ann Booth, piano; (G:) Jason Swalley, guitar; and (F-G:) Mike Wobig, electric bass )

I Thought About You by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Mercer (1939), arr. by Vern Sielert; first performance by the Roseville Big Band
(featuring a trombone solo by Glen Newton)

Introduction of the rhythm section to the audience.

Somebody Loves Me by B. G. DeSylva, George Gershwin, and Ballard McDonald (1935), arr. by Dave Wolpe
(featuring vocalists Karen Dunn and Glen Newton, with Glen Peterson on tenor sax)
This selection is available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape.

Bye Bye Blackbird by Mort Dixon and Ray Henderson (1926), arr. by Dave Rivello
(featuring trumpet soloist Dan Theobald)

All of Me by Seymour Simons and Gerald Marks (1931), arr. by Lennie Niehaus; first recorded by Belle Baker ("The Ragtime Singer," who also introduced Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies" in "Betsy"), "All of Me" has become one of the most recorded songs of its era, with notable versions by Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Django Reinhardt and Willie Nelson.
(featuring vocalists Karen Dunn and Keith Miner, with a trombone solo by George Henly, and Rich Eyman on trombone trading fours with Glen Peterson on tenor sax)

Roseville Big Band performers for this concert:

Saxes (left to right): Grace Johnson (tenor), Glen Peterson (tenor), Bill Frank (alto), Kay Foster (alto and clarinet), Dan Desmonds (tenor), and Bill Pearson (baritone); Glen Newton played E-flat flute on "Route 66"
Trumpets and Flugelhorns (left to right): Dan Theobald, Mark Syman, Mark Lee, and Bob Nielsen
Trombones (left to right): Rich Eyman, Keith Miner, George Henly, and Tom Huelsmann (bass trombone); Glen Newton played trombone on "I Thought About You", "My Little Girl", and "All of Me".
Rhythm (front to back): Glen Newton (vibraphone), Ann Booth (piano), Jason Swalley (guitar), Mike Wobig (bass), and Dave Tuenge (drums)
Vocalists: Karen Dunn, Glen Newton and Keith Miner

Producer John Rusterholz and other public access television volunteers videorecorded this concert for broadcast on Channel 15, CTV North Suburbs in the ten-city area served by the North Suburban Cable Commission. It was also broadcast live on Channel 15 - the band's first live broadcast from Como Park.

Abnout 75 people watched the live performance in the bandshell, and some danced while the band played. The weather, which had been comfrotably warm during the day, dropped in the evening to the point where some audience members who hadn't brougth warm coats left early. The wind on stage was powerful, blowing musci and creating some wind noise in one of the overhead microphones used by the public television volunteers.

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