Roseville Big Band
Commemorative Air Force Bomber's Moon Ball, September 21, 2002
Led by Glen Newton

Songs in red are available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape. Songs crossed out like this were on the original list but were skipped due to lack of time. Songs in Italics were added by audience request.

Set One (8:00-9:05):
1. Dance to the Big Band Swing (Vocal Quartet, each with small solos plus vocal ensemble; Glen)
2. All of Me (Karen, Jim Foss, Rich, Glen)
3. Come Fly with Me (Reeves, Glen)
4. Liechtensteiner Polka (GN, vocal)
5. Little Brown Jug (Gene, Glen)
6. What a Wonderful World (Vocal Quartet)
7. Latin Fantasy (Dan, Jim Foster, band vocal; audience play-along and sing-along led by GN)
8. Glory of Love (Vocal Quartet, Kay)
9. Yardbird Suite (Rich, Peter, Bill P., Jim Foss, Jim Foster)
10. Candy (Karen)
11. Opus One (Rhythm & Swing, Vocal Quartet, Glen, Rich, Mike W.)
12. In the Mood (Glen, Kay, Peter)
13. Still Love You (Keith, featured vocal; Glen; GN, bass trombone; Mike W.)
14. Chattanooga Choo Choo (instrumental from the book; Rich)
15. Blue Skies (Ann; Keith, scat; Vocal Quartet)
16. Blue Tango
17. Somebody Loves Me (Vocal Quartet, Glen)

Between sets: Announcement of Vets Hepatitis C Research Fund and revving up airplane engines

Set Two (9:25-10:45):
1. Memorial: Rose of Kelvin Grove and Amazing Grace (Lynn Ista, bagpipes)
2. Rock Around the Clock (Rhythm & Swing, Dan, Bill P.)
2.5 I Can't Get Started (audience request; Reeves; GN, trumpet)
3. Lady is a Tramp (Vocal Quartet; Keith, scat)
4. Sleepy Time Gal (Mike B., Peter)

5. Star Dust (Gene, Karen; moved up from set 3 by audience request)
6. It Had to Be You (Reeves, Ann)
7. Waltzing Matilda (Kay, Mark)
8. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Cindy, Karen, Barb, trumpet section)
9. Cha Cha Cha for Judy (audience play-along)
10. As Long As I'm Singing (GN, vocal and flugelhorn; first performance by the Roseville Big Band)
11. Cabaret (Glen, Ann)
12. Georgia on My Mind (Vocal Quartet, Glen)
13. Polka Medley
14. Minnie the Moocher (GN, vocal and trumpet)
15. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Keith, featured solo; Karen, solo; Barb; GN, vocal harmony and flugelhorn)
16. Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Gene, Glen)
17. Woodchopper's Ball (Dan; Mike B.; Keith, bass trombone; Bill F.; George; Rich; Peter; Jim Foss; Gene; Deb; Mike W.; GN, trumpet)

Between sets: Grand March to "River Kwai March" (GN, piano) and costume contest winner announcements

Set Three (11:05-12:10):
1. When the Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along (first performance by the Roseville Big Band)
2. I Won't Last a Day Without You (Reeves, featured solo; Karen, Barb, GN, vocal harmony)
3. Blue Skirt Waltz (GN, vocal; moved up from #7 by audience request)
4. Beer Barrel Polka (Vocal Quartet, Keith)
5. Stompin’ at the Savoy (Book II; Glen, Kay, Ann)
6. El Sol Tambien Se Pone (audience play-along; Gene, Bill F., others TBS)

3. Satin Doll (Ann, Gene, Deb; switched places with Blue Skirt Waltz to fill audience request)
8. Honeysuckle Rose
9. Moon River (Bill F., Kay, Vocal Quartet; switched places with Star Dust to fill audience request)
10. Sing, Sing, Sing - Pt. I (Jim Foster; Kay, clarinet; Rich; Keith, rhythmic and scat vocal; GN, trumpet)
11. Something's Gotta Give (Ann, Glen)
12. 251 Swing Street
(GN, flugelhorn; Keith, bass trombone; Gene; Mike B.; Mike W.; Ann; first performance by the Roseville Big Band)
13. Moonlight Serenade (Kay, clarinet)
14. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (Karen; Kay, soprano sax)
15. String of Pearls (Kay, Peter)
16. Last: Show Me the Way to Go Home (Glen, Mike W.)
17. Encore: In the Mood (Kay, Glen, Peter)

Roseville Big Band performers for this dance:

Saxes: Kay Foster (alto, soprano, clarinet), Bill Frank (alto, flute), Glen Peterson (tenor), Deb Asselanis (tenor), and Bill Pearson (baritone)
Trumpets/Flugelhorns: Peter Davis, Mark Lee, Gene Phares, and Dan Theobald
Trombones: Mike Bratlie, George Henly, Rich Eyman, and Keith Miner (bass trombone)
Rhythm: Ann Booth (piano), Jim Foss (guitar), Mike Wobig (bass), and Jim Foster (drums)
Vocal: Karen Dunn, Barb Harvey, Reeves Cary, Glen Newton, and Keith Miner
Slide Whistle: Glen Newton (on the polkas)

Rhythm & Swing dancers for this dance:

Terry and Cindy Gardner, Laura Stone, and Scott Thompson

Paid attendance was 600 people. For this dance, attendees paid as they drove in and parked on the ramp behind the hangar.

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