Roseville Big Band
Spring Rhapsody: An Evening in the Enchanted Garden
Lyngblomsten Foundation Fundraising Dinner and Dance

at the Prom Center 4/25/2003
Led by Glen Newton

Click here for the song list for 2002.

Some people arrive around 6:30 to help unload and get our equipment out of the way before dinner starts at 7:30. Wear black and white with jackets and the band's blue ties and cummerbunds.

Glen Newton entertained on the grand piano in the lobby before dinner.

Songs in bold were first performed by the band at this dance. Songs crossed out (like this) were skipped due to lack of time. Songs in red are available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape.

Before set 1: Rounds one and two of the "Name the Songs" contest, in which guests try to names songs that Glen Newton includes in medlies.

Set 1: 9:00-10:00 (We were scheduled to start at 8:30, but the guests weren't done eating until 9:00)
I Left My Heart in San Francisco (Ann, Glen P.; Cory & Cross, 1962)
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (Rosetones; Brown, Tobias & Stept, 1942)
Sometimes I'm Happy (Dan D.; Youmans & Caesar, 1927)
It Had to Be You (Kirk, Ann; Kahn & Jones, 1924)
Cha Cha Cha for Judy (Brown, 1959)
Moon River (Kay, Bill F., Rosetones; Mancini & Mercer, 1961)
In the Mood (Glen P., Kay, Tim; Garland, 1939)

Short program, including round three, tiebreaker, and awarding the winners of the "Name the Songs" contest.

What a Wonderful World (Rosetones; Weiss & Thiele, 1967)
251 Swing Street (Jim Foss, Rich, GN, Bill; Mahaffey, 2001)
Beer Barrel Polka (Keith, Rosetones; Vejvoda, Timm, Zeman & Brown, 1934)
Sleepy Time Gal (GN, George; Lorenzo, Whiting, Alden & Egan, 1924)
Lady is a Tramp (Rosetones, Keith; Rodgers & Hart, 1937)
At Last (Rosetones; Warren & Gordon, 1942)
Woodchopper's Ball (Bob, GN, George, Bill F., Keith, Jim Foss, Rich, Dan, Ted, Jim Foster; Bishop & Herman, 1939)

Set 2: 10:15-10:55 (We were scheduled to do three sets, ending around 11:15, but because of the late start and the small numbers of people who were still there at 10:45, we ended early.)
Dance to the Big Band Swing (Rosetones, Glen P., Jim Foster; Newton, 1999)
Tico-Tico (audience play-along as guest percussionists; Tim, Rich, GN; Abreu, 1917)
When I Fall in Love (Karen, GN; Heyman & Young, 1952)
The Preacher (Glen P.; Silver, 1956)
Sentimental Journey (Rosetones, Bob; Green, Brown & Homer, 1944)
Blue Skirt Waltz (Kirk; Bláha & Parish, 1944)
Waltzing Matilda (Kay, Mark; Paterson & Cowan, 1941)
Jump, Jive, and Wail (Keith, Rosetones; Glen P., Mark, Fred, Jim Foss; Prima, 1930's)
Girl from Impanema (audience play-along as guest percussionists; Keith, Tim; Jobim, 1963)

Make Me Smile (Pankow, 1970)
Somebody Loves Me (Rosetones, Glen P.; DeSylva, Gershwin & McDonald, 1935)
Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Glen P., Harvey; Sigman & Gray, 1940)
Georgia on My Mind (Rosetones, Glen P.; Carmichael & Gorrell, 1930)

Thanks for the Memory (Tim, GN voiceover; Robin & Rainger, 1937)

Roseville Big Band performers for this dance:

Saxes: Kay Foster, Bill Frank, Glen Peterson, Dan Desmonds, and Bill Pearson
Trumpets: Mark Lee, Tim Altmann, Dan Theobald, and Bob Nielsen
Trombones: George Henly, Fred Christiansen, Rich Eyman, and Keith Miner
Rhythm: Ann Booth (piano), Jim Foss (guitar), Ted Hermann (bass), Jim Foster (drums), and Glen Newton (vibraphone)
Vocalists: Karen Dunn, Diane Lindberg, Kirk Lindberg, Glen Newton, and Keith Miner

From Life at Lyngblomsten, Summer 2003, page 12: "Over 280 guests enjoyed the 16th annual Spring Rhapsody, which raised almost $48,000 to help strengthen one of Lyngblomsten's four outreach programs, Parish Nurse Ministry. ... music filled the air as a pianist played soft music in one room and a string quartet entertained guests in an adjoining room. ... And we topped off the evening with music by the Roseville Big Band."

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