A Look into the Past

Exceprt from the band rules, dealing with ensembles Roseville Municipal Band charter, ca. 1964 (42K)   Mark Lammers conducting (40K picture), talking to a trumpeter (29K picture), and receiving a gift from the band during a concert (30K picture) Mark Lammers waves a baton.
July 4, 1984, Roseville Band Shell (24K picture) and Roseville Jazz Ensemble (17K picture) Bob Lancette directs the Roseville Jazz Ensemble.   Melissa Santrach and Glen Newton take a break in a gallery with Manship sculptures. May 18, 1985, Paul Manship exhibition, "Changing Taste in America".
Pat Campion tries out the WW II Link Flight Trainer Newspaper article about the June 15, 1985, Confederate Air Force dance.   North Suburban Ball, October 1985 (42K picture) Band members pose in red ruffled shirts.
Christmas Concert, December 8, 1987 (41K picture) Jim Chamberlain and Brad Davies play trumpets in front of a Christmas tree.   Be punctual for performances; arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start. Member and Section Leader Duties, May 4, 1991
Mary Lou Peterman sang "Let's Fall in Love" Edinborough Park Concert, March 23, 1993 (29K picture)   1993 showmanship guidelines
At the end of each song, look out into the audience a few seconds to acknowledge their applause; SMILE.
Songs rehearsed September 7, 1993, through February 8, 1994, contrasted with music played at rehearsals or performances during 2004. A sample of composers and song dates from 2004. 8:30 Cutaway Interview - Karen CTV 15 rundown for the live broadcast of the October 24, 1998, Dance of the Decades at Roseville Area High School

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