Christmas 1987 at Rosedale

Wearing the band's now-retired red ruffled shirts and playing in this December 8, 1987, Roseville Big Band concert in front of Donaldson's* department store in Rosedale Mall in Roseville:

Trumpets: Jim Chamberlain (2), Brad Davies (1), Mark Lee (3), Dave Anderson (4), Henry Klug (5)

Trombones: Darrell Thorstenson (2), Carol Jensen (1), Rich Eyman (3), Steve Brolin (4), and tubist Jerry Sherohman

Saxes: Brian Dole (tenor 1), Nancy Veerkamp (alto 2), Kay Foster (alto 1), Dick Leisen (tenor 2), Dan Desmonds (baritone)

Rhythm: Leigh Anderson (guitar), Jim Foster (drums), Laura Welland (piano), bassist not shown but probably Sandy Yarbrough

Director: Sam Marks, not shown

*Donaldson's, located at the northeast corner of the mall, was later replaced by Carson Pirie Scott, which was in turn replaced by Mervyn's, which was torn down to make room for movie theaters and an outdoor mall extension to Rosedale (which is an indoor mall).

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