General Guidelines for Showmanship

Director Glen Newton wrote the following guidelines for the band's summer, 1993, concerts in the park. Click the date to see the song lists for June 10, July 4, and July 29, 1993. Text within brackets is a later addition.

Keep extraneous movement to a minimum --- don't detract from the other performers during your rests.

During someone else's solo, look at the soloist or at your music or at the director (if I'm trying to get your attention); help the audience focus on the soloist.

Exception: trumpet moves during rests on "In the Mood". [This applies to other section choreography as well, such as sax moves on "Kiss of Fire".]

At the end of each song, look out into the audience a few seconds to acknowledge their applause; SMILE.

Soloists (even small solos) stand up at the end of each song to acknowledge applause.

Trumpets and trombones try to keep horns above the stands (except when specifically playing in the stand).

During horn moves on "In the Mood" et al, try to keep horns at the same level as the rest of the section.

While chanting "Pennsylvania 6-5000", look straight at the audience (middle to back) and SMILE. [This also applies to chanting or singing on "Monster Mash", "Rosie the Riveter", "El Cumbanchero", etc.]

[From a later set of showmanship guidelines: "Don't let the audience know when you've made a mistake. Enjoy yourself. If you look like you're having a good time, the audience will, too."]

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