Manship Exhibition at the Minnesota Museum of Art

Melissa Santrach and Glen Newton, members of the Roseville Comunity Jazz Ensemble, take a look at the exhibition during a band break.

The June 5, 1985, edition of the St. Paul Area Downtowner newpaper included the above picture and caption in the article, "Manship Show Opens at MMA." The Roseville Jazz Ensemble, under the leadership of Bob Lancette, played for a gala party and Minnesota Museum of Art Spring Benefit on May 18, 1985. The party marked the opening of an exhibition at the MMA to mark the 100th birthday of St. Paul native Paul Manship.

The photographer commented approvingly to Melissa Santrach on her "uptown outfit" before realizing that it was the band uniform. Melissa played first tenor sax and Glen played lead trumpet for the performance.

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