Roseville Big Band
Night of Stars
Children's Hospital Association Fifty-fourth Annual Ball, 11/22/2003
Led by Glen Newton

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Initial dance music (starting at 7:30):
Flip, Flop, and Fly (at 45: Fred, guitar (24 bars); at 45 (2nd time): Mike W., bass (12 bars); at 57 (2nd time): Glen, tenor)
Somebody Loves Me (Rosetones; Glen, tenor)
Ciribiribin (Tim, trumpet; first performance by the Roseville Big Band)
Once in a While (Rosetones; Kay, alto)
Funky Cha-Cha (GN, trumpet; Mike B., trombone; Dan D., tenor)
Dance to the Big Band Swing (Rosetones; Glen, tenor; Jim, drum set)
Free Yourself (A-A2: Dan D., tenor; A2-1st ending: George, trombone; A2 (2nd time)-2nd ending: Bill F., alto; B1: Dan & Bill; C (both times): George; D to end: Bill F.; first performance by the Roseville Big Band)
Lady is a Tramp (Rosetones; Fred, guitar)
For All We Know (Karen, vocal; Mike B., trombone)
Satin Doll (Rosetones; Ann, piano; Dan T., flugelhorn; Dan D., tenor)
Tico-Tico (mambo; D1: Tim, trumpet; D2: Rich, trombone; E1: GN, trumpet; F: Bill F.)

Dance or dinner music:
I Can't Get Started (small sheet music; Rosetones, introduction; Kirk, vocal; GN, trumpet)
It's Been a Long, Long, Time (Tim, trumpet; GN, vocal; at bar 39: Dan. D., tenor)
I'll Never Smile Again / Dream Medley (Rosetones)
Feelings (Kay, alto)
Come Rain or Come Shine (Kirk, vocal; Dan T., flugelhorn)
Sentimental Journey (Rosetones; Bob, trumpet)
In the Mood (Glen, tenor; Kay, alto; Tim, trumpet)
Embraceable You (Kay, alto)

Night of Stars logo
Program - Band Break

After dinner music:
Skylark (Karen, vocal; at bar 17: Mark L., solo background fills)
Frenesi (Ann, piano; Mark L., trumpet; Mike B., trombone)
Love is Here to Stay (Kirk, Rosetones; Dan T., trumpet)
Moon River (Kay and Bill F., altos; Rosetones)
For Dancers Only (Bob, trumpet)
On the Wrong, Wrong Side of the Street (Carubia arr.; Rosetones)
Evil Ways (repeat 8 bars at 38 for solos: Mike B., trombone; Glen, tenor; Fred, guitar; Mark O., bass trombone)
How About You? (Karen and GN, vocals; Glen, tenor; as published - no extra repeats)
Glory of Love (Rosetones; Kay, alto)
Cha Cha Cha for Judy
Opus One (Rosetones; Glen, tenor; Rich, trombone; Mike W., bass)
What a Wonderful World (Rosetones)

Songs in red are on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD and cassette tape. Songs crossed out (like this) were skipped due to lack of time.

Setup was complicated by the large podium in the middle of the stage. Although they moved it forward about four feet, it was still in the middle of the sax section. The Radisson's A/V crew hooked up a video camera to projectors for the screens on either side of the stage, showing videos of children served by the hospital as well as showing the band playing and the featured speakers. However, the bright overhead floodlights, even though turned down a bit, combined with the podium placement, made it nearly impossible for the alto and baritone sax players to see the director or hear the rhythm section. Despite all this, the band played very well!

The doors opened for guests to arrive at 7:30, but with the exception of pairs who walked in and back out again, nobody came in until about 7:50, so the first four or five songs were played to an empty house. The original schedule called for dinner to be served starting at 8:10, but it got started around 8:20. Peggy Radio introduced the guest speakers at 9:05, when the staff began serving the sorbet course. The program followed, and the servers brought out the main course during the program. We resumed around 9:30 when "The Rookie" finished. We were originally asked to play until 10:00. The dance floor was packed after dinner, and had we been able to continue, many people would have stayed to dance to the big band. We ended at 10:05, inviting the guests (around 640 of them) to go upstairs for dessert and dancing to Cookie Coleman's combo. However, there were additional announcements and drawings after we finished, before people went upstairs.

Roseville Big Band performers for this dance:
Saxes: Kay Foster, Bill Frank, Glen Peterson, Dan Desmonds, and Bill Pearson
Trumpets: Mark Lee, Tim Altmann, Dan Theobald and Bob Nielsen
Trombones: Mike Bratlie, George Henly, Rich Eyman, and Mark Olson
Rhythm: Ann Booth (piano), Fred Anderson (guitar), Mike Wobig (bass), and Jim Foster (drums)
Vocal: The Rosetones: Karen Dunn, Diane Lindberg, Kirk Lindberg, Glen Newton

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