Children's Hospital Association
Night of Stars

The Roseville Big Band played dinner and dance music for the guests at the St. Paul Children's Hospital Association Fifty-fourth Annual Ball, November 22, 2003, in the Minnesota Room of the Radisson Riverfront in St. Paul.

The band played on the stage at the Radisson Riverfront. Larger picture is 90KB.
The screen at the left showed the band playing. Another screen on the right showed the same picture. During part of the evening, the screen showed videos of children who had been patients of Children's Hospital.
A view of the band from the baritone sax corner. Larger picture is 105KB.
Glen Peterson played a tenor sax solo on "Flip, Flop, and Fly." The podium in the middle of the saxophone section was used later in the evening for speeches. However, it made it difficult for the other end of the sax section (Kay Foster and Bill Frank, alto saxes, and Bill Pearson, baritone sax) to hear Glen and the rhythm section.
Glen holds the trumpet with his right hand and points at the trumpets as Dan looks up. Glen Newton cued the band as he played trumpet on "Funky Cha Cha." Tenor saxophonist Dan Desmonds looked up as he waited for his cue to solo.
Karen Dunn and Diane Dolinar added the Latin percussion touch to "Tico- Tico," standing in front of the screen. Karen plays maracas and Diane plays afuche.
Guest percussionists laugh as they play. Dinner guests helped us fill out the Latin percussion section on "Frenesi."
The brass section consisted of (right to left), trumpets Bob Nielsen, Mark Lee, Tim Altmann, and Dan Theobald; and trombones Rich Eyman, George Henly, Mike Bratlie, and Mark Olson (bass trombone). The brass play a section passage.
Three stars shine over the band and the dancers. Is it live or a video? The dancers in the foreground are live, and the Roseville Big Band in the back is projected onto the video screen.

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