Carleton 2006: The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of ... Carleton The Roseville Big Band performed at the Carleton College Mid-Winter Dance, February 4, 2006. Dancers enjoyed the wide variety of music the band played.
The band posed for a picture before the dance began. Leader Glen Newton stands behind the vibraphone. Joanne Sylvander was behind the camera.
Student guest percussionists played Latin percussion instruments with the band on "El Sol Tambien Se Pone" and the medley of "Besame Mucho" and "El Cumbanchero."

The trombone section played a passage in "The Pineapple Rag," Bill Johnson's swing arrangement of the Scott Joplin tune that the band performed for the first time that evening.

From left to right: Rich Eyman, Mike Bratlie, George Henly, and bass trombonist Keith Miner.

Mike Wobig concentrated on improvising a bass solo on "Opus One." Note the string bending.

Ann Booth played a piano solo on "Show Me the Way to Go Home." Stefan Sylvander and Mike Wobig kept the beat going on "In the Mood." Karen Dunn played the cowbell on the salsa numbers and sang on swing tunes and ballads.
Glen Peterson played a tenor sax solo on "Brazil." Kari Coad played a flugelhorn solo on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Bill Frank played an alto sax solo on "La Bamba ."  

The trumpet section played a phrase on "My Heart Belongs to Daddy."

From left to right: Harvey Skow, Kari Coad, Dan Theobald, and Bob Nielsen

Jim Foss played a guitar solo on "All of Me."

Rhythmic clapping is written into the sax parts on "La Bamba."

From left to right above: Dan Desmonds, Glen Peterson, and Kay Foster. Out of the picture to the right: Bill Frank and Bill Pearson.

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