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Concert, Equipment, Web Site, and Rehearsals (December 21, 2000)
Band Demands Recount! (November 15, 2000)
No Rehearsal on Halloween, but What a Busy Year it Was! (October 9, 2000)
RBB Featured on National Public Radio (October 3, 2000)
We Made Our First CD Sale to Sweden (September 12, 2000)
Concerts at Centennial Lakes and Roseville Lutheran (August 13, 2000)
RBB Website Generated a CD Sale (July 23, 2000)
Confederate Air Force Dance a Success (May 22, 2000)
Our CD Will Be Heard on National Public Radio (April 4, 2000)
Tapestry Dance, Jazz Notes, and Music Students (March 5, 2000)

Concert, Equipment, Web Site, and Rehearsals (December 21, 2000)

December 18 Concert at Roseville Lutheran Church

Well done!

Our joint concert December 18th with the Roseville Community Band was a success! Here's the text of an email I received through our RBB web site today:

My wife and attended the performance at the Roseville Lutheran Church several nights ago and we loved it. We sat with Pastor George in the balcony. The view and the acoustics were great.

I was so disappointed to see only about 95 people in the audience that I have to promise myself that I'll have to go to more of your concerts.

Now I know where your page is and I will visit your site and your performances again.

Also I am in the National Guard and I understand there are a couple of Guard band members in your band.

See you again.

Bob Rorke

Kay Foster and I figured out that this is the first joint concert in perhaps 20 years. Thanks to all of you for making it a memorable occasion. Special thanks go to Kirk and Karen for learning their emcee roles with little preparation time and to anyone who had to reschedule Monday evening activities to accommodate the concert.

For the bands, this concert was a good opportunity to reach new audience members. In response to my question about how many people were seeing each group for the first time, about two dozen people raised their hands. For the church, it was a chance to get new people into the sanctuary, increasing the possibility that they'll come back again for regular church activities.

Attendance at the concert would have been higher if not for several factors, of which the nasty weather was the biggest. But in addition, the choir concert at the church the previous night meant that many Roseville Lutheran Church choir members who would have otherwise enjoyed hearing us were still catching up on other responsibilities after putting on their own concert. And unknown to us when we scheduled the concert, the Roseville String Ensemble was playing a sing-along concert in a nearby church at the same time on Monday as our concert. Finally, because of a misunderstanding of the church's role in publicizing the concert, there was no publicity for the concert in either Roseville paper. Although I didn't see the publicity myself, I've been told there was an ad (placed by the church) for this concert and the previous night's choir concert in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and using information I supplied, the Roseville city publicist submitted a description of the concert to the Pioneer Press.

Many more people than the 95 who were in the live audience will enjoy the concert because it was videotaped by the volunteers of CTV15 and will be broadcast multiple times. Volunteer producer John Rusterholz and most of the crew - Keith, Bernie, Lynn, Barb, Ruth, Dave, and Pat - had already shot numerous concerts and other events in the preceding two weeks, and we should all thank them when we next see them for extending their volunteer efforts to yet another night during the holiday season to capture our concert on videotape.

To find out when the concert video will air on channel 15, call (651) 481-9554, or check on the web. (The schedule shown on the web encompasses 8 hours, and it is repeated in the next two 8-hour segments to make a full day of programming.) I don't see it on the schedule that now goes through January 13, so I expect the joint concert will first be aired during the week of January 14. You can also request additional playback times.

The best way to get a copy of the concert is to dub it off the air. If you can't do that (because it's not shown in your area, for example), CTV15 can make a copy for you, but there is a rather high dubbing charge. If they make you a dub, don't forget to ask for a stereo hi-fi dub.

This is the first time we have been able to show the live audience what the TV cameras were capturing as the concert was being performed. The large screen behind the altar at Roseville Lutheran church gave audience members another view of the concert, much like the projection screens do at the State Fair talent contest finals.

This concert had a number of firsts for us: First performance of And the Angels Sing, What a Wonderful World, and Mike Bratlie's arrangement of Grace Yourself; first performance with vocals of Opus One and Sweet Sue - Just You. Thanks to Mike Bratlie for contributing Version 2.2 of Grace Yourself for the RBB to play at the concert. We'll use most of our nine selections (the ones performed by the RBB alone) in our summer concert series.

For the selections that we played jointly with the community band, I'd also like to commend those versatile Roseville Big Band members who played parts other than their usual instruments to help fill out the instrumentation, especially Harvey on the French horn, Fred playing 4th French horn on his trombone, and Jim playing baritone horn.

Thanks, too, go to those of you who came earlier than normal to help with setup, especially Bob Nielsen, Mike Bratlie, and Bill Frank. It wasn't easy figuring out how to get both bands into a workable configuration in the sanctuary, and it required setting up some extra risers and moving some of the church's equipment. But we got everyone into a workable configuration and the audience could see both bands well because of the slanted seating.


I now have the mixer, power amp, effects unit and EQ unit mounted in the rack that I brought to rehearsal a couple of weeks ago, and I have the required cables to hook them all up. We should be able to use the new setup for the Carleton Winter Dance.

A few people noticed that during the Roseville Lutheran concert, the live output from our current sound system sometimes seemed to fade away, then come back, at times; this shows that the amplifier needs repair. The new equipment should solve that problem. (Also, because of the way CTV15 hooked up to our equipment, those live sound problems shouldn't be audible on the videotape.)

I also have three new small Roseville Big Band summer shirts - ones that would have been the right size for Dan, Jana, and Tahran this past summer and will be a better fit for our smaller subs in the future.

Web Site

The average number of daily visits to continues to increase. From September through November it rose from 23 to 29 visits per day. Sometimes you may hear webmasters talk about the number of "hits"; between September and November, the RBB web site had about 360 hits per day. Oversimplifying a bit, we could say that a string of "hits" - page or file accesses - counts as a single "visit" as long as the person viewing the site doesn't leave the site.

People from around the world view our web site. For example, from September through November, we had visitors from the United States, Canada, Slovak Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Spain, Russian Federation, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, Sweden, Brazil, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway, Japan, and Ireland.

Recent improvements to the web site include revising the roster and sub lists with updated information and more efficient formatting. These are in the "Members Corner" section of the web site.

In addition, the RBB web site now includes a search capability on the home page. This lets you find any pages on the web site (except those in the Members Corner section) that include any of the words you put into the search box. For example, if you wanted to see what our web site says about getting a dub of a concert video, you could enter "dub" into the search box and click the Search button.


Our next rehearsal is January 2nd, and our year-end dinner is January 9th. If you haven't called Ann or Carl with your dinner selections, do it now while you're thinking about it.

I hope you all have a pleasant holiday! I'll see you in a couple of weeks (... next year ... next century ... next millennium).


Band Demands Recount! (November 15, 2000)
(This news bulletin was issued during the recounts of the presidential election ballots in Florida.)

November 15, 2000 --- Dateline Roseville, Minnesota, USA

In a moment of bi-partisan* cooperation, the Roseville Big Band finished "What a Wonderful World" together at Tuesday's rehearsal. However, this goal was achieved only after a manual recount. Section officials noted that the trumpets had seven bars before the jump to the coda, whereas the saxes and rhythm section had only six.

Prior to making this correction, the "Wonderful World" didn't sound so wonderful, but afterward, the band-endorsed replay represented, if not the will of the people, at least the will of arranger Jerry Nowak.

It was also noted that even though the trombones had been playing the coda jump correctly, their music had the same mistake as the trumpet music. One insider, who declined to be identified, had this analysis: "Either the trombone section exhibited outstanding musical togetherness, or they were faking it all along."

*bipartisan = two parts: the melody and the harmony

No Rehearsal on Halloween, but What a Busy Year it Was! (October 9, 2000)

RBB members and supporters,

No Halloween Rehearsal

Since some members will be taking their kids trick-or-treating, others will be handing out Halloween goodies, and still others will be attending Halloween get-togethers, there will be no Roseville Big Band rehearsal on October 31.

Summary of Our Busy Year

What a busy year it has been! Normally, we try to perform 12-14 times during a full year, so that we achieve our public service/entertainment goals, experience and fun of live performing, and yet avoid burnout. But in the eight months from February through September, we performed 16 times!

Here's a summary:

February 5, 2000 (Saturday): Carleton winter dance
March 4 (Saturday): "First Saturday" Dance at Tapestry Folkdance Center
March 10 (Friday): Jazz Festival at Oakview Middle School in Andover
March 21 (Tuesday): Concert at Inver Grove Good Samaritan
April 4 (Tuesday): record ourselves for posterity at RAHS
April 25 (Tuesday): Joint rehearsal/concert with River City Jazz Orchestra at Monroe Community School
May 20 (Saturday): Confederate Air Force Dance
June 6 (Tuesday): RBB Central Park Bandshell Concert
June 17 (Saturday): Edison H. S. Reunion
July 4 (Tuesday): RBB Central Park Bandshell Concert
July 28 (Friday): Play for Southern Police Institute dance at the Plymouth Radisson
August 1 (Tuesday): RBB Central Park Bandshell Concert
August 13 (Sunday): RBB concert at Centennial Lakes Amphitheater
August 19th (Saturday): Roseville Lutheran Corn Feed
September 10 (Sunday): St. Michael's Church fall festival and pig roast
September 16 (Saturday): Confederate Air Force Dance
In addition, we held two sit-in nights, moved our rehearsals to a new location, and developed the band's web site during those same months.

Furthermore, last fall was busy, with the following performances:

September 12, 1999 (Sunday): Falcon Height 50th Anniversary dance
September 18 (Saturday): Confederate Air Force Dance
October 9 (Saturday): City of Roseville Open House
October 26 (Tuesday): Sit-in night
November 13 (Saturday): Dance of the Decades fundraiser for Roseville Area Arts Council

Thanks to all of you for your willingness to play all of these performances or find substitutes!

Now that we have several weeks without a scheduled performance, you might be experiencing "lack-of-performance anxiety", but I can assure you that we'll have plenty of performances in the upcoming year. These weeks give us the opportunity to polish songs already in our repertoire, learn new ones (including two you'll see this week), and even bring back some that are in our files.

Remember (as I always say when we hand in music) that the songs in the files aren't bad songs, just ones that we didn't need to keep in our folders. Now we'll be exchanging some of them for some that we're through with for a while and can pass in.

Parks and Rec Moved, but Our Music is Still Available

The Roseville Parks and Recreation Department completed its move out of the Arona Street building to Fairview Community Center this week. I haven't yet seen the space allocation in the new building, but Lonnie told me it was smaller than the space they previously had. This gave me concern about the safety and availability of our music in the cabinets in the old headquarters, so I brought all of that music home and have been organizing it and putting more of it into folders this weekend.

We still have some music in our former rehearsal room at the Roseville Area Middle School, and I would like to bring that to St. Michael's as soon as convenient. (If anyone who is in both bands would like to get that music at one of the Monday Community Band rehearsals and bring it to a Tuesday rehearsal of the Big Band, it will save me the trip to RAMS to get it.)

No Dance of the Decades 2000

This year, there won't be a fundraising dance for the Roseville Area Arts Council, although I did volunteer us to play for it, if the RAAC wanted to sponsor a dance. To give you the background about why there's no Dance of the Decades this year, I'd like to share an email I received last week through the Roseville Big Band web site that said, in part, "Last year I attended a dance at a Roseville school where your band performed. I had a great time, and I was wondering if you are planning to play at that event this year."

Here's what I responded to the writer of the email:

"Thanks for your interest in the Dance of the Decades, which we performed for as a fundraiser for the Roseville Area Arts Council. I'm really glad to hear that you had a good time.

"Each of the years we've volunteered to provide the entertainment, and many hours of non-musical preparations for the dance have been spent by volunteers from the Roseville Area Arts Council, with CTV 15 public access television volunteers providing the live television coverage. This year, the RAAC has sponsored so many events that the core volunteers are feeling "burned out", and even though they'd like to hold the dance again, they just don't have enough people and energy to do it.

"I'll pass along your comment to the RAAC, though, so they'll know of the interest. In the meantime, please keep checking the Roseville Big Band web site ( for information about our public performances. Right now, it's likely that the next public dance we'll play for will be next March or April at the Tapestry Folkdance center, with Confederate Air Force dances in May, August, and September of 2001. As the details get firmed up, we'll post them on the web site."

Exceptional Sit-in Night

One other observation: This past week's sit-in night is the only one I can remember at which ALL of the regular members of the band were present. And with eleven guest musicians, it's one of the largest (and maybe THE largest) sit-in nights we've ever held.

See you at Tuesday's rehearsal!


RBB Featured on National Public Radio (October 3, 2000)

Roseville Big Band members and supporters,

Today I received a copy of the CD of the September 16, 2000, "One Night Stand" show. It's produced at WUKY-FM, University of Kentucky. Chris Nielsen, the host of the show sent the CD.

We were the featured band for this show!

Five of our "Concert in the Park" CD selections were featured: Waltzing Matilda, Sleepy Time Gal, Somebody Loves Me, Woodchopper's Ball, and Star Dust.

Here's some of what Chris said about us on the show:

"Our featured band this week: we're going up to Roseville, Minnesota, to bring on the Roseville Big Band, one of the great bands of today, carrying on a very fine tradition. ...[After Waltzing Matilda:] Opening up the hour, our featured band from Roseville, Minnesota, the Roseville Big Band, with a nice swinging rendition of Waltzing Matilda. ... they make some very fine music in a band of today. [After Somebody Loves Me:] ...the third offering by our featured band, Somebody Loves Me by the Roseville Big Band from Roseville, Minnesota, featuring the Rosetones on their vocal, a vocal quartet, and also Glen Peterson on tenor sax; so refreshing to hear a big band with a vocal group because not many of 'em do it. [After Woodchopper's Ball:] A great band, don't you think? They can do some great sounds of today and they bring you some of those great sounds of yesterday."

After each set of two or three selections (usually one of ours and one or two from the 30's-40's), Chris announced the songs and gave credit to all of the soloists.

In addition to making our first CD sale to Sweden in September, our international visibility grew as our web site was visited by surfers from Norway, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, and, of course, the United States.

If YOU haven't visited our web site lately, I'd invite you to take a look and see some of the more recent enhancements: the graphical navigation bar, consistent navigation links at the bottom of each page, lots of visual and text updates, and a few sound files (with more to come). For example, you can find an MP3 of "My Little Girl" on both our site (at a low bit rate to accommodate a wide range of connections) and on the TC Swing web site (at a high bit rate, for highest fidelity).

Among the updates is a revised schedule in the "Members' Corner" part of the site.

I'm looking forward to a fun sit-in night!


We Made Our First CD Sale to Sweden (September 12, 2000)

RBB Members and Supporters,

Thanks to all who played in the concert Sunday at St. Michael's! You sounded and looked great! We've already been approached about playing again next year.

Thanks in advance to Steve Goranson, Pat Gefre, and Mark Olson, who will be filling in on electric bass, 3rd trumpet, and bass trombone for the Confederate Air Force Dance, and to Sarah Wasmundt for playing last Sunday and filling in for Bob this coming Tuesday. Remember that this Saturday there will be swing dance lessons in the hangar before we play, so we need to be out of the way by 7:00. To make sure this happens, please be at the hangar no later than 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. As with our other CAF dances, the dress for this one is black and white, with the RBB's blue ties and cummerbunds.

Because the CAF was paying more for renting the risers than for the band, we will be using only two 4x8 foot risers this Saturday, so they can cut expenses. As you face the band, the risers will be on the right hand side, at the CD sales area, and they'll be used primarily by the vocalists. The rest of our setup will be the same as in recent years --- rhythm section on the left, with the horns in block formation.

I'd like to remind you again of the high praise we received from one of the Roseville City Council members who heard us perform at Centennial Lakes in August and said it was the best concert he's heard there. He added that the concert made him very proud he was from Roseville, since we're the Roseville Big Band, and he got many favorable comments from friends at the concert who knew he was from Roseville and thus was partially responsible for supporting the band. Because he made these remarks during the televised council meeting, others in the CTV 15 viewing area heard them, thus giving us some more good publicity.

Today I got a call at work from a fellow from Sweden attending a meeting in Roseville, who said he'd been asked by a Swedish friend of his to buy a copy of our CD to take back with him. (How fortunate that I happened to have an unopened CD with me!) Actually, the sale wasn't quite "out of the blue"; the fellow who wanted the CD is someone from Unisys I've worked with over the telephone, who learned about the CD from our web site.

Speaking of the web site, if you go into the "Members' Corner" part of the site (which is also open to our subs), you'll see that I've put RealAudio versions of the mixes of In the Mood and Kiss of Fire. In the coming weeks I'll be adding more audio (e,g,, I'll have an MP3 of "My Little Girl" there soon), but there are a lot of tradeoffs related to the format, so I'd be interested in your feedback on these. If you ARE able to play them, then also try listening to the clip of Dan Odegaard playing the trumpet solo. You can find it by going to Meet the Band --> Subs --> Dan Odegaard (and click on his picture, which takes you to the page that should have the controls for playing the clip). Harvey gave this a try and found that getting it to work required a bit of tricky setup on his computer, so I'm looking into ways to make playback simpler. Let me know what your experience is if you try the audio.

Finally, keep the October 3 sit-in night in mind as you talk to your musical friends in the upcoming weeks. Remember that it will be at St. Michael's, so those who previously attended at RAMS might need directions to the church.


Concerts at Centennial Lakes and Roseville Lutheran (August 13, 2000)

Congratulations on a fine concert to all who played tonight at Centennial Lakes!

The Centennial Lakes coordinator said this is the biggest audience he's seen there! By a very rough estimate, I'd say we had about 1000 in front of the band and another 200 off to the sides and behind, enjoying the concert.

We certainly won some new fans, judging from the very positive comments we received after the concert, too!

As you know from the announcement I made to the band at the concert, Rich Eyman is in St. John's hospital with a kidney stone. If you can, please give him a call to let him know you're thinking about him.

Because Rich was featured on several of the concert selections, we had to make some last-minute changes of solos. Special thanks go to Mike Bratlie, who not only filled in for Rich on the "New Orleans Jazz Portrait" but did so without any music!

I've put the song and soloist list for the next concert on the Roseville Big Band web site. Go to, then click on Public Events, and finally click on the date, August 19, 2000.

Remember that there is no rehearsal before that performance, and Kay will lead the band, since I'll be out of town.

We're very grateful to our subs for tonight's concert (Ted Hermann on string bass) and for next week: Mary Ewald, borrowing Kay's tenor to play second tenor, while Dan moves up to first tenor; and Roger Lundberg on bass trombone. If anyone has an email address for Roger, could you please forward this to him?

The song list for next Saturday is the same as the one I handed out tonight, but I corrected the soloist lists on the two songs that accidentally still had Glen Peterson's name.

If Rich is unable to play next Saturday, we'll make a few changes in the solo lineup:

On Opus One, if Rich is absent, Harvey would not only play 31-47 but would continue on to 61.
On All of Me, if Rich is absent, Carl would take both of the solo choruses, rather than just the second one.
On PA 6-5000, I'm figuring on Rich for the tenor sax solo at D; if he's absent, it could go to Dan or Mike or Carl.
On Johnson Rag, I'm figuring Rich can do both times through at G; if he's absent, Dan or Mike or Carl could take them.
On Sing, Sing, Sing, and Woodchopper's Ball, if Rich is absent, simply omit his solos.

I'll make sure that someone in the band (Fred, probably) has the shirt for Mary to wear.

Then there are no rehearsals until September.

Look for information about a possible additional performance, for a pig roast held by our rehearsal host, St. Michael's, in September. Fred mentioned that pastor Roland Hayes had inquired, but we're checking the details.


RBB Website Generated a CD Sale (July 23, 2000)

RBB members and supporters,

Over the past few months, the number of daily average visits to the Roseville Big Band web site has increased from 3 to 13, and the number of pages viewed per day now averages 56. Some of those are visits by web crawlers adding the site to their list of indexed sites, and other visits are due to my checking the site after making updates, but most are people interested in the band and its music.

Besides the United States, we've had visitors to the RBB web site from the UK, Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand, Belgium, Sweden, and Germany.

(If you'd like to look at the detailed statistics for yourself, here's the URL:

A month or so ago, I got an email through the "Contact Us" mechanism on the site from an amateur trombonist inquiring about the pictures of the soprano trombone. I replied with more information and suggested he and his family, of whom several besides him are amateur musicians, might enjoy attending a concert. However, it wasn't convenient, as he lives in Maryland. So he ordered the CD from Groth Music and after listening to it sent an email including the following compliment:

Today's mail brought the "Concert in the Park" cd from Groth. We all
enjoyed the first listen very much - there's a lot of fun there.
"Woodcutter's Ball" with the trombone duel is a gooder - actually, all
the cuts are nice. Good job!

Our credo is that above all else, the music should be fun. If not, why
do it? Sounds like you and the Roseville Big Band achieved the main

(I suspect the reason he singled out "Woodchopper's Ball" is because it includes a bit of the soprano trombone in the trombone family duel.)

Keep up the fun and the good music!

Song lists for the upcoming performances July 28, August 1, August 13, and August 19 will be available shortly.

I'll see you at the rehearsal this Tuesday, July 25.


Confederate Air Force Dance a Success (May 22, 2000)

Thanks to everybody who played for the dance at Fleming Field on May 20!

I'm still waiting to hear the final attendance figures, but we really kept the dance floor packed --- especially during our second set.

The attachments are two pictures Norma Anderson took of the band. Norma is the lady from South Dakota who made the "Roseville Big Band" table cloth and contributed to the big spread of goodies that many of you shared during the two band breaks.

Diane, Karen, and Kirk wait at the left while the band plays, with the blue sign in the right foreground.The Rosetones sing as Ann plays the piano.

I'll see you at the rehearsal tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23. Remember that it's at St. Michael's church.


Our CD Will Be Heard on National Public Radio (April 4, 2000)

Chris Nielsen hosts several big-band oriented radio shows that originate at WUKY-FM in Lexington, Kentucky. Here's the way he describes it:

"I am still at it with "One Night Stand" which went
on the air on June 6,1980. I love doing it and look forward to every
week with this show and the two others I do locally, "Sentimental
Journey" and "Make Believe Ballroom"."

I sent him our Concert in the Park CD last week. Here's his comment after receiving it:

"The CD is great!!!! Most enjoyable and what a variety of music. Also
great to hear a good vocal group with a big band as there are not many
around. You should be proud of the effort and I'll use it on the air.
Due to production needs by National Public radio, I am having to tape
shows 6-7 weeks in advance so it will be a bit before I get it on. I'm
am doing a show on tape this weekend called "Something New" so there
will be at least one cut used there. Will feature the band a few weeks
after that. Thanks again."

Thanks to all of you who played on that CD!

If anybody hears the broadcast this weekend, please let me know!


P.S., I've made a lot of updates to lately, so if you haven't seen it in a while, you will find some new pages, including pictures from the Tapestry dance and information about several of our subs and guest performers.

Tapestry Dance, Jazz Notes, and Music Students (March 5, 2000)

Thanks again to all who performed at the Tapestry "First Saturday" dance on March 4! The dancers really liked us, and I was especially happy that you performed some of our newer tunes just as though you'd been playing them for years --- e.g., "Dance to the Big Band Swing", "All or Nothing At All" (definitely sounding like "All"), and "Mas Que Nada", not to mention the very challenging "Funky Cha-Cha"!

After the dance, Cindy totaled up the night's receipts, and we calculated that the band will get a check for over $900! Here's the way the formula goes: The band gets the first $300, then Tapestry gets the next $100, and the band gets half of the remainder. Interestingly, many of the people in the crowd were newcomers, since a competing dance featuring the Jazztronauts attracted most of the regular crowd. This means that we have lots of new fans. We also sold a tape and a CD at the dance.

Our recording was also mentioned in the March, 2000, Twin Cities Jazz Notes (Vol. 22, No. 3), a publication of the Twin Cities Jazz Society. Here's an excerpt from the "Big Band Scene" column by Jerry Swanberg:

"The Roseville Big Band recently released a CD, Concert in the Park. Swing music from the big band era is its forte and eight of the thirteen tracks are vocals, including three by the "Rosetones" vocal quartet. The band, formed 35 years ago, is funded by the City of Roseville. ... The band plays numerous concerts at Roseville's Central Park during the summer, and two hangar dances a year for the Confederate Air Force at Fleming Field in St. Paul. ... The Roseville Big Band's new web site is"

One of our important audience segments is young students who are just learning to play swing and jazz. We'll be performing for three such groups and their parents this Friday (March 10) at the Oak View Middle School jazz festival in Andover. Remember that the first middle school jazz band performs at 7:00 p.m., so if you want to hear the beginning of the concert, arrive before 7:00. For those of you with tight schedules, you can figure that we'll probably start playing between 8:00 and 8:15, so arriving at 7:30 should give you a margin of safety and time enough to warm up, get your music in order, and don your blue tie and cummerbund.

Then we'll have the chance to inspire another group of young musicians Tuesday, April 25. Many of you know Dave Perry, who is now the band director at Monroe Community School. Dave's students are in 4th through 8th grade, and they will be guests at our joint rehearsal / concert with the River City Jazz Orchestra (formerly the Inver Hills Community College Jazz Ensemble) from 7:00 until 8:45 that Tuesday night. We're still in the early stages of planning that evening, and I'm hoping we'll be able to get the students involved as players on something, not just as listeners.


Click the year to read the Roseville Big Band news emails for 2001, 2002. and 2003.

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