Commemorative Air Force Spring Big Band Hangar Dance, June 12, 2021
Hangar #3, Fleming Field, South St. Paul, Minnesota

Led by Glen Newton

Band: Wear tan/khaki slacks or shorts and the new summer shirts. Here are pictures from the dance.

Songs in red are available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park (+8) CD. As usual, we were prepared to take requests. The song in Italics was a request.
Before the dance Cindy and Terry Gardner, representing TC Swing, gave free swing dance lessons, finishing at 7:45. At 7:55, Stan Turner, KLBB radio host, joined Amy Lauria to introduce the dance and welcome the dancers.

Set One (8:00-8:50):
1. Dance to the Big Band Swing (1999; Rosetones, Glen P., Jim)
2. Song of the Volga Boatmen (traditional/1941; Bill)
3. Glory of Love (1936; Rosetones, Dan D.)
4. American Patrol (1891/1942; Dan D., Mark L.)
5. Ain't Misbehavin' (1929; Rosetones, Keith scat)
6. Accentuate the Positive (1944; Karen, GN)
7. Pick Yourself Up (1936; Glen P., Mark S.)
8. It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing (1932; Rosetones, Mark L.)
9. Cha Cha Cha for Judy (1959; audience play-along)
10. Blue Skies (1927; Rosetones, Keith scat)
11. Sleepy Time Gal
(1924; GN, George (trb))
12. All of Me (1931; Karen, George, Keith, Glen P. & Ira trading 4s)

At this point, while the band took a break, Amy and Stan led the ceremonies to honor all veterans and active military personnel, recognizing the five branches of service and including WWII veterans. Then a CAF pilot ran up the B25 engines.

Set Two (around 9:10 until around 10:10):
1. Rock Around the Clock (1952; Rhythm & Swing Exhibition Dancers; Bob, Sue)
2. Bandstand Boogie (1954; twice through at 40: GN 1st time, Mark S. 2nd time, Jim)
3. Willow Weep for Me (1932; Keith, George, Glen P.)
4. Little Brown Jug (1939; #9 in "Authentic Sounds"; Dan T., Glen P.)
5. Moon River (1961; Dan D. and Bill, alto sax duet; Rosetones)
6. Beer Barrel Polka (1934; Rosetones)
7. Pennsylvania 6-5000 (1940; Hest arr.; Mark S., Glen P.)
8. Sweet Georgia Brown (1925; play as published, no extra repeat; Ira, Dan T.)
9. Somebody Loves Me (1924; Rosetones, Glen P.)
10. Lady is a Tramp (1937; female vocal; Rosetones; Keith scat 51-56))
11. In the Mood (1939; #1 in "Exciting Sounds", no cuts, hold last note; Glen P., Dan D., Dan T.)
12. Straighten Up and Fly Right (1944; Keith, Mike, GN-vibes)

13. St. Louis Blues March (1914; Dan D., Jim, Glen P.)
14. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (1942; Rosetones)

Between sets 2 and 3, Rhythm & Swing performed to a medley of pre-recorded music (see below) and Amy and Stan announced the winners of the costume contest.

Set Three (10:35-11:35):
1. Satin Doll (1958; Mike, Mark S. (flugelhorn), Ira, Rosetones)
1a. Cha Cha Cha for Judy (to fill a request for a Rhumba or Cha Cha)

2. Moonlight Serenade (1939; Dan D.)
3. Side By Side (1927; Rosetones)
4. Rosie the Riveter (1942; Bob, GN, George)
5. Just in Time (1956; Karen, Bill)
6. Sing, Sing, Sing (1936; Jim; Dan, clarinet; GN, trumpet with plunger; Keith, scat)
7. On the Sunny Side of the Street (1930; Rosetones)
8. Nice Work if You Can Get It (1937; female vocal; Karen, Rosetones, Ira)
Flying Home (1939; Ira)
10. Georgia On My Mind (1930; Rosetones, Glen P)
11. How High the Moon (1940; repeat back from 57 to 41; Keith, Tom, George, Michael)
12. Love is Here to Stay (1938; male vocal; Bruce, Rosetones, GN (trumpet))

13. It's Only a Paper Moon (1933; Karen, GN)
14. Last: Show Me the Way to Go Home (1925; Glen P., Mike, Eric)

Roseville Big Band:
Saxes: Glen Peterson (tenor), Bill Frank (alto), Dan Desmonds (alto and clarinet), Ira Adelman (tenor), and Sue Wells (baritone)
Trumpets/Flugelhorns: Dan Theobald, Mark Syman, Mark Lee and Bob Nielsen
Trombones:George Henly, Keith Miner, Michael Sweet, and Tom Huelsmann (bass trombone);
Rhythm: Mike Holt (piano), Eric Laska (bass), Jim Foster (drums), and Glen Newton (vibraphone)
Vocal: The Rosetones (Karen Dunn, Diane Dolinar, Bruce Stasch, and Glen Newton), and Keith Miner

Rhythm and Swing: Choreography by Cindy Gardner.

Dancers: Melanie, Rachel, Stacey, Stephanie, Erik, Ian, and Mike

Before set 2:

Rock Around the Clock    Erik & Stephanie, Mike & Rachel

Before set 3:

Well Git It                           Mike & Melanie, Ian & Stacey
Shim Sham                         Ian, Rachel, Stephanie, Erik
Sh Boom                              Erik & Stacey, Ian & Rachel, Mike & Melanie
Botcha Me                          Mike & Stephanie
Sugarfoot Stomp              Rachel, Stephanie, Stacey, Melanie
Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off     All dancers, spotlighting Melanie, Ian & Erik
Sing Sing Sing                    Mike & Melanie, Ian & Rachel, Erik & Stephanie, Mike & Stacey

Around 1000 dancers attended the event.

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