Roseville Big Band
Commemorative Air Force Spring Big Band Hangar Dance, May 12, 2007
Led by Glen Newton

Songs in red are available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park (+8) CD. Songs crossed out like this were on the original list but were skipped due to lack of time. Songs in Italics were added by audience request.

Set One (8:00-9:30):
1. Dance to the Big Band Swing (Rosetones, Dave, Glen P.)
2. Ac-cent-tchuate the Positive (Karen, GN)
3. It Had to Be You (Kirk, Ann)
4. String of Pearls (Kay, GN)
5. I'll Never Smile Again/Dream Medley (Rosetones)
6. It's Been a Long, Long Time (Kari, Karen, Dan)
7. Sleepy Time Gal (GN, Mike B.)
8. Skylark (Karen)
9. G. I. Jive (Rosetones; Nick; Mike B.; premiere performance of this arrangement by Mike Bratlie)
10. Liechtensteiner Polka (GN, vocal in German)
11. Brown Wore Black (Rich, Nick, George, GN)
12. Moon River (Rosetones, Kay, Bill F.)
13. Rock Around the Clock (Swing Cats, Bob, Bill P.)
14. All of Me (Karen, GN, Rich, Glen P.)
15. Satin Doll (Ann, Harvey, Dan, Rosetones)
Lyla and Don enjoy the music.



Audience members of all ages enjoyed the music.

Four girls smile for the camera.

At this point in the first set (9:00 p.m.), the Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band marched in, then performed these selections with the Roseville Big Band and marched out again:
1. Highland Cathedral
2. The Rose of Kelvingrove
3. Amazing Grace.

Then we announced the winner of the raffle to sit behind the pilot during the run-up of the bomber engines. The band continued with the following songs:
16. In the Mood (Swing Cats; Kay, Glen P., Kari)
17. Lady is a Tramp (Rosetones; Keith scat)
18. Rosie the Riveter (Kirk, Bob, GN, Rich; Harvey on the ratchet)
19. On the Sunny Side of the Street (Rosetones)
After set one, the band took a break during the run-up of the engines of Miss Mitchell, the B-25 bomber. Miss Mitchell

Set Two (9:45-10:30):
1. Georgia On My Mind (Rosetones, Glen P.)
2. Sing, Sing, Sing (Dave, drums; Kay, clarinet; Rich, trombone; Keith, scat vocal; GN, trumpet)
3. Waltz for Debby (Karen, Glen P., Bill F.)
4. Somebody Loves Me (Rosetones, Glen P.)
5. Moonlight Serenade (Kay)
6. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (Rosetones)
7. Woodchopper's Ball (GN, trumpet with plunger; Bob, Mike B., George, Nick, Rich, Keith (bass trombone), Bill F., Dan, Mike W.)
8. It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing (Rosetones, Mark)
9. Straighten Up and Fly Right (Keith, with band vocal and solos by Nick and Ann)

10. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Diane, Karen, Kirkina; Ann; trumpet section) Diane, Karen, and Kirk as "Kirkina"

11. American Patrol (Mark)

Glen's Happy Birthday cake After set two: Armed Forces Medley (arr. by Mike Bratlie) and awards, including costume contest winner announcements, a surprise Happy Birthday for Glen Newton, and announcement of the winners of the raffle prizes.

Set Three (11:05-12:00):
1. I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo (Rosetones)
2. Kiss of Fire Cha-Cha (Bob, Ann; guest percussionists)
3. Glory of Love (Rosetones; Kay, soprano sax)
4. Come Fly with Me (high key version; Kirk, Glen P.)
5. What a Wonderful World (Rosetones)
6. Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Kari, Glen P.; audience chant-along; GN, telephone)
7. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Hest arr., Rosetones, Glen P.)
8. My Buddy (waltz; trombone section feature with solos by Mike, George, Keith, and Rich)
9. For Once in My Life (Karen)
10. Beer Barrel Polka (Rosetones, Keith)
11. Oh, You Beautiful Doll (GN)
12. Sentimental Journey (Rosetones, Bob)
13. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Bill P., Mike W.)
14. Love is Here to Stay (Kirk, Rosetones, Harvey)
15. Little Brown Jug (Harvey, Glen P.)
16. Last: Show Me the Way to Go Home (Ann, Glen P.)

Roseville Big Band performers for this dance:

Saxes: Kay Foster (alto, soprano, clarinet), Bill Frank (alto), Glen Peterson (tenor), Dan Desmonds (tenor), and Bill Pearson (baritone)
Trumpets/Flugelhorns: Mark Lee, Kari Coad, Harvey Skow and Bob Nielsen
Trombones: Mike Bratlie, George Henly, Rich Eyman, and Keith Miner (bass trombone)
Rhythm: Ann Booth (piano), Nick Johnson (guitar), Mike Wobig (bass), Dave Tuenge (drums), and Glen Newton (vibraphone)
Vocal: The Rosetones (Karen Dunn, Diane Lindberg, Kirk Lindberg and Glen Newton), Keith Miner, and Bob Nielsen

Stan and Lisa demonstrate a basic swing dance move. Stan Ponkin and Lisa Neuburger gave swing dance lessons from 7:00 to 7:55.

About 900 people attended the dance - one of the best crowds in recent years.

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