Roseville Big Band
Deb Hermes - Mike Wobig Wedding Reception, October 3, 2009
Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church, 5011 31st Ave. S., Minneapolis 55417
If possible, arrive at 4:00 to help set up before the wedding ceremony; wear black and white.
Note: The band might start as early as 6:00, so plan to arrive no later than 5:45 if you aren't able to attend the wedding.

Led by Karen Dunn

Songs in red are available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park (+8) CD. Songs crossed out like this were on the original list but were skipped due to lack of time. There were no audience requests. THe numbers after each song are the tempo, and the notes after that indicates who starts playing and what the countoff should be, if not a simple 1-3, 1-2-3-4

Set One - (6:45-7:45):
1. Ac-cent-tchuate the Positive (Karen, Dan T.; the vocal solo version) 140; piano: 1-3,1-2-3
2. Let's Fall in Love (Karen) 150
3. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Keith) 128; brass: 1-3-,1-2-3
4. Waltz for Debbie (Karen, Glen P., Bill F., Ann)
5. Bride and Groom Dance: When I Fall in Love (Karen; play as published - no penciled-in repeat) 74
6. Mike with his Mom Dance: Glory of Love (Karen, Kay) 116; drums: 1-3,1-2-3
7. In the Mood (new Tyzik arr., Doc Severinson version; Glen P., Kay, Dan, Dave) 156
8. La Bamba (audience guest percussionists, Bill F.) 160; pno/bass/basstrb/bari: 1-3,1-2-3
9. Cha Cha Cha for Judy (audience guest percussionists) 156; saxes: 1-3,1-2-3
10. Beer Barrel Polka (Keith and Karen, vocals) 140
11. Moon River (instrumental) 106; 1-2-3,1-2-3
12. Somebody Loves Me (Karen, Glen P.) 180
13. Look for the Silver Lining (Bob, Ann) 144
14. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (Karen, Kay) 180; saxes: 1-3,1-2-3

Set Two (8:00-8:55):
1. Dance to the Big Band Swing (Karen, Glen P., Dave) 184
2. Satin Doll (Ann, Dan T. (flugelhorn), Dan D.) 132; piano: 1-3, 1-2-3-4
3. Lady is a Tramp (Karen; Keith scat, Carl) 216
4. Pennsylvania 6-5000 (audience chanting; Pat, Glen P.; Karen on the telephone) 160; trpts: 1-3, 1-2
5. Moonlight Serenade (Kay, clarinet) 86
6. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Wolpe; Glen P.)
trpts: 1-3, 1-2-3-4
7. Kiss of Fire (audience guest percussionists, Bob, Ann) 136
8. All of Me (Karen, Carl, Glen P., Rich) 176
9. A Bittadose by Robert Watson, featuring Mike Wobig on bass, Carl on guitar, Dave on drums, Dan on trumpet, Glen on tenor, and some other players from the band; first performance by the Roseville Big Band
10. String of Pearls (Kay, Dan T., Ann) 146
11. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (Karen, Ann) 168
12. It Had to Be You (Keith, Ann) 128; 1-3,1-2-3-4
13. Last: Thanks for the Memory (Bob; voiceover by Karen) 100
10. Georgia on My Mind (Karen, Glen P.) 86; drums: 1-2-3-4
11. Little Brown Jug (Pat, Glen P.) 176: bass&drums: 1-3,1-2-3-4
12. Prom Polka 140
13. Blue Skirt Waltz (instrumental) 176; 1-2-3,1-2-3
14. When You Wish Upon a Star (Karen) 84

Set Three (if needed) (#1, 7, and 13 were moved to set 2):
2. The White Cliffs of Dover (George) 116
3. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Karen) 142
4. Leichtensteiner Polka 132
5. Just in Time (Glen P., Ann) 176
6. My Buddy (waltz; trombone section feature with penciled-in repeat and solos by Scott, Keith, George, and Rich) 156; trbs: 1-2-3,1-2
8. Sentimental Journey (play as published, with trumpet solo by Bob, but Karen sings, too) 102
9. On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe (Glen P.) 146
10. Fly Me to the Moon (Bill F.) 132
11. Opus One (Glen P., Rich, Tim) 160
12. What a Wonderful World (Karen) 82

Roseville Big Band performers for this dance:

Saxes: Kay Foster (alto, soprano, clarinet), Bill Frank (alto and flute), Glen Peterson (tenor), Dan Desmonds (tenor), and Bill Pearson (baritone and clarinet)
Trumpets/Flugelhorns: Mark Lee, Dan Theobald, Pat Gefre, and Bob Nielsen
Trombones: Scott Swenson, George Henly, Rich Eyman, and Keith Miner (bass trombone)
Rhythm: Ann Booth (piano), Carl Berger (guitar), Tim Christman (bass), and Dave Tuenge (drums)
Vocal: Karen Dunn and Keith Miner

The wedding ceremony began at 4:30. The band started playing around 6:45 after eating quickly. About 70 people attended the reception, in addition to the band members.

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