Carleton 2002: Mardi Gras

The Roseville Big Band performed at the Carleton College Mid-Winter Dance, February 2, 2002.
Megan concentrates on the lyrics. For the third year, Carleton student Megan Orwig sang with the band. Carleton students dance to a ballad. Dancers enjoyed the wide variety of music the band played. Bigger picture is 53K.
Guest percussionists joined the band on several of our Latin selections. The theme of the dance, "Mardi Gras" is suggested by the beads that several of them are wearing.
Cowbell and tambourine players. Bigger pictures total 62K. Conga, afuche, and maraca players. Bigger pictures total 62K. Guiro and shaker players Maraca, clave, and cowbell players.
The trumpet section—Harvey Skow, Peter Davis, Mark Lee, and Bob Nielsen—and bass trombonist Keith Miner played a passage in "La Bamba", while trombonist Mike Bratlie concentrated on his music.
Four trumpets stand in the back row, while two trombones sit in front.
Ann plays piano in the foreground, James stands up to play behind the piano, and Jim is seated at his set in back. Guitarist James Holdman, pianist Ann Booth, and drummer Jim Foster constituted 3/4 of the rhythm section.
Karen listens with her eyes closed. Vocalist Karen Dunn waited for her entrance on "Crazy". Dan smiles as Glen plays with his eyes closed. Glen Peterson soloed on "Show Me the Way to Go Home", the last dance, as fellow tenor saxophonist Dan Desmonds looked on.
The bus stops to pick up band members. Bigger pictures total 44K. As in past years, we chartered a bus from the Richfield Bus Company.
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