Skylark at Edinborough Park

Mary Lou Peterman, vocalist, sang "Skylark", with the Roseville Big Band at Edinborough Park in Edina, March 23, 1993.

Mary Lou Peterman sings "Skylark" while Glen Newton, on the vibraphone, and the Roseville Big Band play backgrounds. Mary Lou Peterman Jim Foster Mike Wobig Glen Newton Kay Foster "Doc" Leisen Leigh Anderson Jim Chamberlain Dan Menken Nancy Veerkamp Julie Stenberg Mark Lee Harvey Skow Bill Pearson Keith Miner

Other band members visible in the photo are (left to right):
Jim Foster, drums; Leigh Anderson, guitar; Richard "Doc" Leisen, second tenor sax; Mike Wobig, electric bass; Glen Newton, vibraphone; Jim Chamberlain, second trumpet; Kay Foster, lead alto sax; Rich Eyman, third trombone; Dan Menken, lead trumpet; Nancy Veerkamp, second alto sax; Julie Stenberg, lead trombone; Mark Lee, third trumpet; Bill Pearson, baritone sax; Harvey Skow, fourth trumpet; Keith Miner, bass trombone

Not visible in the picture: Ann Booth, piano; Glen Peterson, lead tenor sax; Fred Christiansen, second trombone

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