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3rd Annual Dance of the Decades, November 13, 1999, RAHS Cafeteria;
White shirt/blouse, black slacks/skirt
Set up 6:30, play 8-11 p.m.; CTV live broadcast 7-10 p.m.

Click here to see the poster for the dance.
Led by Glen Newton

Note: Please have songs ready in the specified order during the CTV broadcast, so we can keep things moving quickly between songs. Weíll do requests in the last hour of the dance

*=This is the first time weíve done the song this way.
6:30†††††††††††† Hook up sound to CTV
6:45†††††††††††† Sound check
7:00†††††††††††† CTV broadcast begins with the dance lessons; hosts Tim Domke and Katie Harms
7:20†††††††††††† Carl interview with Tim & Katie in the hall
7:40†††††††††††† Jim and Kay interview with Tim and Katie in the hall
7:50†††††††††††† Interview with Bob Nielsen (added when they were ahead of schedule)
7:55†††††††††††† Dance lessons end; GN with Tim and Katie in the cafeteria; BE READY TO PLAY AS SOON AS THE INTERVIEW ENDS

60-second promo

Set 1 (8:00-8:50): While we play, Tim and Katie will do interviews in the hall at 8:15 and 8:40; around 8:25, when we finish whatever weíre playing and the 8:15 interview is done, Tim will announce the Dime Dance.
*Dance to the Big Band Swing (1999; GN and Karen Dunn, vocals; Glen Peterson, tenor sax; Jim Foster, drums)[world premiere]
It Had to Be You (1924; Kirk Lindberg, vocal)
All the Things You Are (1939; Kay Foster, alto sax; Harvey Skow, trumpet)
*Mean to Me (1929; Karen Dunn, vocal; Bill Pearson, baritone sax)
Blue Skies (1927; Ann Booth, piano; Karen, Kirk, and GN, vocals; Keith Miner, scat vocal)
Latin Fantasy (1943; Bob Nielsen, flugelhorn; audience volunteers, Latin percussion)
Dime dance (whenever Tim announces it): In the Mood [#1 in book I] (1939; Kay Foster, alto sax; Glen Peterson, tenor sax; GN, trumpet; Carl Berger, guitar)
Beer Barrel Polka (1934; Keith, Karen, Kirk, and GN)
Iíll Take Romance (1937; Kirk Lindberg, vocal; Mark Lee, trumpet)
Ghost of a Chance (1930ís; Kim Kermes, trumpet; Kay Foster, alto sax; Glen Peterson, tenor sax; Mike Bratlie, trombone)
Iím Beginning to See the Light (1944; Kirk Lindberg and Karen Dunn, vocals)
All or Nothing at All (1939; Ann Booth, piano; Harvey Skow, trumpet)[canceled at request of Kay et al]
(if we need another one in this set) Leap Frog [with band vocal on repeat] (1946; Glen Peterson, tenor sax; Jim Foster, drums)
Break at 8:50; RBB Concert in the Park CD plays while Tim & Katie interview Miss Roseville & Princesses (Alaina Lembrich) in the hall in the Canteen area

Set 2 (9:00-10:05): This set starts with a dance contest, followed by a song or two while the judges confer, followed by announcement of the dance winners; Tim & Katie do an interview at 9:35, then (after our song finishes) introduce costume judges and award prizes while we wait; then we play as the TV broadcast ends
Dance contest, round 1: Jump, Jive, and Wail (1930ís; Keith, Karen, Kirk, and GN, vocals; Glen Peterson, tenor sax; Mark Lee, trumpet; Fred Christiansen, trombone; Carl Berger, guitar)
Dance contest, round 2: Pennsylvania 6-5000 [#12 in Book I; about 1.5 minutes; OMIT F, G, and H; trombones take the pickup to I] (1940; Harvey Skow, trumpet, Glen Peterson, tenor sax)[only 12 competitors]
Dance contest finals: Johnson Rag [#9 in Book I; about 62 secs., ENDING on downbeat of bar before D] (1917)
Come Fly with Me (1940ís; Kirk Lindberg, vocal; Glen Peterson, tenor sax)
(if we need another before the winners are announced, otherwise after the showcase) Candy (1944; Karen Dunn, vocal)
Dance contest winnerís showcase (excerpts for each of the top 6, plus once for everybody to dance to): Woodchopperís Ball (1939; Bob Nielsen, trumpet; Keith Miner, bass trombone; Mike Bratlie, trombone; Harvey Skow, trumpet; Bill Frank, alto sax; Rich Eyman, trombone; Dan Desmonds, tenor sax; Mike Wobig, bass)
Rosie the Riveter (1942; Kirk Lindberg, Bob Nielsen, and GN, vocals; Rich Eyman, trombone)
Monster Mash (1962; GN, vocal; Bill Pearson, baritone sax)
*Zoot Suit Riot [trbs: TACIT in measures 18-26] (1998; Keith Miner, vocal; Glen Peterson, tenor sax)
American Patrol (1890ís; Mark Lee, trumpet)
Moon River (1961; Kay Foster and Bill Frank, alto saxes; Karen, Kirk, and GN, vocals)
*How About You? (1941; Karen and GN, vocals; Glen Peterson, tenor sax)

Costume Contest Winners

Sophisticated Lady (1933; Dan Desmonds, tenor sax; GN, vibraphone)
Ainít Misbehaviní (1929; Kirk, Karen, and GN, vocals; GN, trumpet)
(if we need another one in this set) Fly Me to the Moon (1954; Kay Foster, alto sax)
Break at 10:0510:00; Tim & Katie Jack Brewer and GN award some door prizes, then play RBB CD;

Set 3 (10:15-11:00): Final door prizes are awarded around 10:40 at the start of the set
Iíve Got You Under My Skin (1936; Glen, tenor sax)
Donít Sit Under the Apple Tree (Rosetones: Karen Dunn, Diane Dolinar, Kirk Lindberg, Glen Newton)
St. Louis Blues March (1910; Jim, drums; Kay, alto sax)
Iíve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo (Rosetones)
Blue Skirt Waltz (Kirk; request)
Sing, Sing, Sing (1930ís, Jim, drums; Rich, trb; Keith, scat; GN, trpt)
It Donít Mean a Thing if it Ainít Got that Swing (Rosetones, Mark)
Georgia on My Mind (Rosetones, Glen P.)
Blue Moon (1934; Kirk and GN, vocals; Mark, trumpet)
Funky Cha-Cha (1997; Harvey, trumpet; guest percussionists) [cancelled after asking the trumpets]
Star Dust (1929; Kim, trumpet; Karen, vocal)
Bedtime Look (1998; Keith, vocal)
Whoís Sorry Now? (1923; Kirk, vocal; Glen, tenor sax)
†(last song) Show Me the Way to Go Home (1952; Ann, piano; Glen, tenor; Mike W., bass)

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