Commemorative Air Force Spring Big Band Hangar Dance, June 11, 2022
Hangar #3, Fleming Field, South St. Paul, Minnesota


Led by Glen Newton

Band: Wear black suits or tuxes or dresses

Songs in red are available on the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park (+8) CD. As usual, we were prepared to take requests. The songs in Italic were requests. Songs crossed off were skipped due to lack of time.
Before the dance Cindy and Terry Gardner, representing TC Swing, gave free swing dance lessons, finishing at 7:45. At 7:55, Stan Turner, KLBB radio host, and Amy Lauria introduced the dance and welcomed the dancers.

Set One (8:00-8:50):
1. Dance to the Big Band Swing (1999; Rosetones, Glen P., Jim)
2. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (1937; Glen P., John, GN (tpt))
3. Glory of Love (1936; Rosetones, Kay)
4. American Patrol (1891/1942; Kay, Mark L.)
5. I'm Beginning to See the Light (1944; Sammy Nestico arr., Kay, Dan T.)
. Love is Here to Stay (1938; male vocal; Bruce, Rosetones, GN (vibes))
7. It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing (1932; Rosetones, Mark L.)
8. Tuxedo Junction (1939; Dick Fenno, arr.; Dan T.)
9. String of Pearls (1941; Kay, GN (tpt))
10. Blue Skies (1927; Rosetones, Keith scat)
11. Stardust
(1929; Mark S., Karen)
12. All the Things You Are (1939; Kay, Dan T.)

At this point, while the band took a break, Amy and Stan led the ceremonies to honor all veterans and active military personnel. Then a CAF pilot ran up the B25 engines.

Set Two (around 9:10 until 10:25):
1. Rock Around the Clock (1952; Rhythm & Swing Exhibition Dancers; Bob, Dan D.)
2. Nice Work if You Can Get It (1937; female vocal; Karen, Rosetones, Dan C.)
3. Moonlight Serenade (1939; Kay)
4. Little Brown Jug (1939; #9 in "Authentic Sounds"; Dan T., Glen P.)
5. Georgia On My Mind (1930; Rosetones, Glen P)
6. Beer Barrel Polka (1934; Rosetones)
7. Side By Side (1927; Rosetones)
8. Johnson Rag (1917; #9 in "Exciting Sounds"; Dan T., Dan C. (1st time at G), George (2nd time at G))
8.5. Leap Frog (1941; Glen P.) - added by audience request

9. Somebody Loves Me (1924; Rosetones, Glen P.)
10. In the Mood (1939; Tyzik version; Glen P., Kay, Jim, Mark S., Dan T.)
11. Lady is a Tramp (1937; female vocal; Rosetones; Keith scat 51-56))
12. Straighten Up and Fly Right (1944; Keith vocal, Mike, GN (vibes))
13. Sleepy Time Gal (1924; GN (tpt), George)
14. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (1942; Rosetones)
15. Bei Mir Bist du Schoen (1932; key of F minor; Rosetones, George, Bill)
16. My Heart Belongs to Daddy (1938)

Between sets 2 and 3, Rhythm & Swing performed to a medley of pre-recorded music and Amy and Stan announced the winners of the costume contest.

Set Three (10:50-12:00):
1. St. Louis Blues March (1914; Kay, Jim, Glen P.)
2. Accentuate the Positive (1944; Karen, GN (tpt))
3. Rosie the Riveter (1942; Bob, GN (vocal), George, Mark L. (ratchet sound effect))
4. Strictly Instrumental (1942; Mark S.)
5. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (1937; Karen, Bruce; Mark S. (tpt))
6. Sing, Sing, Sing (1936; Jim; Kay, clarinet; GN, tpt with plunger; Keith, scat)
7. The Way You Look Tonight (1936; Roger Holmes arr.; Karen, Glen P.)
8. Two O'Clock Jump (1942; #3 in "Exciting Sounds of the Big Band Era", Mike, Dan T., Dan C..)
9. Skylark (1941; Karen)
10. Pennsylvania 6-5000 (1940; Hest arr.; Mark S., Glen P.)
11. You Made Me Love You (1913; Eric Richards arr., Mike, Glen P.)
12. Mack the Knife (1928; female vocal; Dave Wolpe arr., Karen, Glen P.)
13. God Bless the Child (1924; Karen)
14. Woodchopper's Ball (1939; GN (tpt), Bob, Keith, John, George, Bill F., Jared, Dan C., Eric)
15. Waltzing Matilda (1941; Kay, Mark L.)
16. One O'Clock Jump (1938; Richard Maltby arr.; GN, Dan T., Dan C. George)
17. Last: Show Me the Way to Go Home (1925; Glen P., Mike, Eric)

Roseville Big Band:
Saxes: Glen Peterson (tenor), Bill Frank (alto), Kay Foster (alto and clarinet), Dan Carlson (tenor), and Dan Desmonds (baritone)
Trumpets/Flugelhorns: Dan Theobald, Mark Syman, Mark Lee and Bob Nielsen; Glen Newton played 5th trumpet on AtTYA and YMMLY
Trombones:George Henly, Keith Miner, Jared Bade, and Scott Henry (bass trombone);
Rhythm: John Seal (guitar), Mike Holt (piano), Eric Laska (bass), Jim Foster (drums), and Glen Newton (vibraphone)
Vocal: The Rosetones (Karen Dunn, Diane Dolinar, Bruce Stasch, and Glen Newton), Bob Nielsen, and Keith Miner

Rhythm and Swing: Choreography by Cindy Gardner.

Medley between sets 2 and 3:
D = Doin' the Jive
W = Well Git It
Ss = Shim Sham
J = Joshua
Sb = Sh Boom
L = Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
S3 = Sing, Sing, Sing

Dancers: Abby Herzog (RDJLS3), Emma Hoekstra (RSsJLS3), Melanie Guerin (RWSsSbLS3), Stephani King (DWJSbS3), Rachel Statz (RDSbS3), David Buckmaster (RDJLS3), David Haugin (DLS3), Erik Olson (RWSsSbS3), Ian De Silva (RDSsJSbS3), and Mike Burns (RWJSbS3)

R = performed on Rock Around the Clock

Around 950 dancers attended the event.

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