Big Band Showcase

Presented at Roseville Area High School by

The Roseville Big Band

Directed by Dr. Glen Newton

February 25, 1997

Winter Wonderland  

1934 arr. by Dave Barduhn

words by Dick Smith; music by Felix Bernard

Keith Miner, bass trombone;Bill Pearson, baritone sax

Bill Frank, flute

All of Me  

1931 arr. by Lennie Niehaus

by Seymour Simons and Gerald Marks

Karen Dunn, vocal

Glen Newton, trumpet; Glen Peterson, tenor sax; Rich Eyman, trombone

Pennsylvania 6-5000   

1940 arr. by Jerry Gray

words by Carl Sigman; music by Jerry Gray

Ryhthm & Swing; Linda Ness, trumpet; Glen Peterson, tenor sax

Embraceable You

1930 arr. by Dave Barduhn

words by Ira Gershwin; music by George Gershwin

Kay Foster, alto sax

Ain’t Misbehavin’  

1929  arr. by Sammy Nestico

words by Andy Razaf; music by Thomas “Fats” Waller and Harry Brooks

Keith Miner, Glen Newton, and Karen Dunn, vocals

Serenade in Blue 

1942 arr. by Mike Lewis

words by Mack Gordon; music by Harry Warren

Linda Ness, trumpet

Blue Trilogy    arr. by Johnny Warrington

        Blue Moon (1934)       

        Blue Tango (1951)       

        Blue Skirt Waltz (1944) 

words by Lorenz Hart; music by Richard Rogers
by Leroy Andersonmusic
by Consuelo Velasquez

Mark Lee, trumpet; Cindy Geiger and Mike Zuch, dancers; Glen Newton, vocal

Rhapsody in Blue

1924 arr. by Sammy Nestico

by George Gershwin

Linda Ness, trumpet; Ann Booth, piano; Harvey Skow, trumpet

Blues for Waldo   


composed and arranged by Dave Barduhn

Mike Wobig, electric bass

Fred Christiansen and Mike Bratlie, trombones; Keith Miner, bass trombone


How About You?

1941 arr. By Dave Wolpe

words by Ralph Freed; music by Burton Lane

Cindy Geiger, vocal and dance; Glen Newton, vocal and trumpet

Glen Peterson, tenor sax

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

1940 arr. by Frank Mantooth

words by Eric Maschwitz; music by Manning Sherwin

Rich Eyman, trombone; Harvey Skow, flugelhorn; Bill Pearson, baritone sax


1923 arr. by Jerry Gray

words and music by Cecil Mack and Jimmy Johnson

The Ladies of Rhythm & Swing; Mike Bratlie, trombone

My Funny Valentine

1937 arr. by Jerry Nowak

words by Lorenz Hart; music by Richard Rogers

Karen Dunn, vocal

Latin Fantasy   arr. by Dave Wolpe

        Besame Mucho (1941)       

        El Cumbanchero (1943)

music by Consuelo Velasquez
music by Rafeal Hernandez

Bob Nielsen, flugelhorn; Jim Foster, drums; Guest Percussionists

Rock Around the Clock  
1952 arr. by Glen Newton
Jimmy DeKnight and Max Freedman

Rhythm & Swing; Bob Nielsen, trumpet; Bill Pearson, baritone sax


Saxes: Kay Foster (alto, clarinet, piccolo), Bill Frank (alto, flute), Glen Peterson (tenor), Richard "Doc" Leisen (tenor), and Bill Pearson (baritone)
Trumpets and Flugelhorns: Linda Ness, Harvey Skow, Mark Lee,and Bob Nielsen
Trombones: Mike Bratlie, Fred Christiansen, Rich Eyman, and Keith Miner (bass trombone)
Rhythm: Ann Booth (piano), no guitar, Mike Wobig (bass), and Jim Foster (drums)
Vocalists: Karen Dunn, Cindy Geiger, Glen Newton, and Keith Miner

Rhythm & Swing (Cindy Geiger, director): Debby Filler, Cindy Geiger, Wendy Gertjejanssen, Steve Jewell, Bruce Kessler, Sharon Leann, Alice Mendelsohn, Demi Miller, Elisabeth Monsma, Jean Ruona, Michelle Shaw.

Guest Dancer: Mike Zuch

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